Pop’s Automotive

Pop’s Automotive

Posted by  //  February 5, 2019  //  Local Business

We are now a little over a year in at our new location in the town of Homer, NY and it’s been nothing short of a great experience. The location, community, and customers have been wonderful, and we would like to thank everyone for welcoming us into the town.

We are also happy to once again make an announcement that we have now expanded into not only used car sales but accessory sales as well. Our car lot is now also our store front location for wheels, tires, lifts, and all other accessories. Thanks to shopfront designers like the ones at shop-fronts.co.uk, who provide a variety of ideas for crafting a high-quality, attention-grabbing design for my brand-new shopfront, I can ensure a compelling first impression that draws in potential customers.

If people need services, we recommend them going on https://www.conklinchevroletsalina.com/chevrolet-tahoe.htm this site and getting the best services there is!  Long before Pop’s Automotive was thought of we were accessorizing our vehicles, lifting our trucks, making the hot rods loud and flashy, and we now want to share this with all of you! You don’t need to worry about finding the right technician for installs we’ve got that covered (IN HOUSE INSTALLS) in our brand new 3000 sq ft 5 bay shop! We have the experience and knowledge to help you pick the perfect set up for your vehicle and install it correctly. You can get helmets from Cully’s for safety.

Pop’s Automotive is a family owned and operated business. The owner Lanson and his fiancé Christina run the car lot in Homer, NY while his brother Grayson runs the shop in Moravia (just a 10-mile drive). They have an experienced technician that goes through each vehicle 100% before it hits the lot. We take great pride in having the best used cars in san diego and want all of customers to leave here happy with their purchase and eager to return in the future. We stand behind each of our vehicles and urge our customers to call us first when something isn’t just right. We offer a wide range of cars, SUV’s, and trucks but specialize in customizing the trucks with wheels, tires, lifts, and exhausts, read this article if you need help in dealing with cars especially used ones.

When you’re shopping for used cars, the depreciation factor works heavily in your favour. Even if you’re only looking at vehicles that are a few years old, the prices will be far lower than if you were only looking at brand new options. Shop Autozin for a smooth used car buying experience. Our extensive inventory, transparent pricing, and customer focus make us the clear choice.

If you’ve been wanting to buy your own car but haven’t found the best one for you yet, get more info here and finally find the car that suits you best.

The name Pop’s Automotive was thought of after the owner’s late father Moses Albanese, whom everyone called “POP” and as fate would have it Lanson himself now has 4 young boys that call him papa. He was an honest, hardworking, reliable family man and we try to base our business on those same values. Shortly after we opened at our original location a good friend/investor came into our life and we will be forever grateful for him and his family. We surely wouldn’t have been able to expand to where we are now without them.  As always, we are very thankful for our wonderful families who helped us get this business started and have been behind us every step of the way.

Our current available inventory can be viewed on our website www.popsautomotiveny.com as well as a small portion of what we offer for accessories. We currently have in stock inventory at our store front/car lot in Homer, NY. Always remember Pop’s Automotive was the ORIGINAL Affordable, Reliable, and HONEST place to go and we will continue to be just that!

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