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Shute’s Water Systems – A Family Tree with Deep Roots

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Originally known as LaFayette Well Drilling, established in 1963 by Howard Shute, and brother-in-law, Warren Shetler, both the business and their reputation grew over the years. Shute continued on with the business after Shetler decided to pursue other interests.

Shute was then joined by his sons, Mark, Neil and Scott. Howard Shute retired at nearly 80 years of age while his sons continued the family tradition of providing safe and pure water to the community.

Today, Shute’s Water Systems is run by Scott Shute and Matt Farkas, and Shute’s Excavation is run by Todd Shute. Scott’s wife Becky runs the office with Mark Shute’s daughter Jill. The family attributes the majority of its continued success from recommendations it receives from satisfied customers.

Shute said many municipal water systems contain calcium and magnesium, which as “hard” substances, form scale and create problems in water heaters, dish washers and plumbing systems. After installing a water treatment system with the help of an expert in water heater installation in Simpsonville, SC, you may also contact professional water heater installers if your existing water heater is already damaged. Damaged water systems can lead to undetected leaks in your home, having a bit of water is not a big of a deal if it is dealt with as soon as possible, but if it’s left as it is then more problems can come around. If the leak is above a wooden structure then it can cause it to rot having the homeowners need to replace the entire thing, there can even be mold built up in the area which would need some professional help from mold removal services to get completely rid of it and to keep everyone healthy.

To ensure the optimal functioning and longevity of your plumbing system, it’s crucial to consider engaging the services of a professional Kamloops plumber for regular maintenance and inspections. A skilled plumber can assess the condition of your water heater, plumbing fixtures, and pipes, identifying any potential issues like leaks or mineral buildup that might lead to more significant problems in the future. Additionally, a Kamloops plumber can provide hydro jet drain cleaning services to effectively remove blockages, mineral deposits, and bacteria from your plumbing system, improving its overall performance and reducing the risk of clogs and corrosion. By investing in expert plumbing services, you can safeguard your home from potential water damage, save on costly repairs, and ensure that your water supply remains clean and safe for your family’s use.

Hydro jet drain cleaning in Riverside can include the removal of iron, sulfur, chlorine and bacteria in a chemical-free process. Softening the water is also important and has many benefits, not only for family members, but for plumbing systems and appliances too.

“Uncontaminated water is essential for good health,” Shute said. “Foul-smelling or unusual odors from your water should make you question your water’s quality and safety.”

Many families throughout Central New York use well water as a source of drinking water and for all its household needs. Unfortunately, water containing hydrogen sulfide gas has a distinctive “rotten egg” odor which is especially noticeable when running hot water.

Shute said the danger lies in a gradual chemical reaction: Hydrogen sulfide gas will corrode plumbing metals such as iron, steel, copper and brass, and the exposed metal parts in appliances such as dish washers and washing machines” Shute said. “Also, corrosion of iron and steel pipes from ferrous sulfide, or ‘black water,’ that can darken everyday tableware, discolor copper and brass utensils and alter the appearance and taste of cooked foods.

Additionally, Shute said, sulfur water can make washing clothes more difficult.

Shute’s water treatment systems can assure customers that these hazards and more can be avoided or remedied using its time-tested, ecological systems

Shute’s offers a free water analysis that will help lead to great-tasting and healthy water from the tap.

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