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Christmas Shopping – The Second Knob Gifts & Antiques

Posted by  //  December 3, 2018  //  Local Business

129 North St. Dryden

The little store down the road

is owned by a girl and her dad.

When people don’t shop there

it makes them real sad.


They have neat little gifts,

some old and some new;

They have gifts for your friends,

and your family, too!


From wine glasses to nativities

to a decorative ball,

Come take a peek inside—

they really do have it all!


Old crocks, new jewelry;

old signs, new candles;

Crates, bins and boxes

and trunks with handles!


Black and white signs

to make you laugh or cry;

Advertising tins and

All kinds of jams to try!


Ornaments, lit canvases,

A Hoosier, a lot of old sleds,

Books, dishes, cabinets,

Benches made from old beds!


Local vendors paint signs;

make soap and sew all kinds of things,

One vendor brings silver

necklaces, bracelets and rings!


Host a party with friends

and earn credit to shop!

Don’t just drive on by—

We want you to stop!


Support local business,

shop smart, shop small…

Avoid big box stores and Amazon!

And just forget the mall!


We enjoy visiting, and seeing you

whenever you stop down—

Shop smart, shop small…

Keep local business around!

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