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Bloomin’ Cup Blossoms in Tully

Posted by  //  October 23, 2018  //  Local Business

By Shannon Myers

Upon entering the Bloomin’ Cup Coffee House in Tully, NY, a patron gets a sense of warmth and cleanliness. Decorated in whites and pastel buttercup yellows, the tables and chairs give an impression of a spacious, homey kitchen where children would gather to help their mom bake cookies, or where friends might reunite to catch up with each others’ lives. A comfy sofa and chairs surround a fireplace, a picturesque setting which invites visions of relaxing in front of a crackling fire with a cup of hot cocoa while snow falls outside.

Bloomin’ Cup offers a wide array of food, from New York-style bagels to soups, salads, and pan-i-nis. And of course, there are a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, from regular coffee to chai lattes and hot cocoa to iced coffee and frappes using the espresso machine 3 group.

While Bloomin’ Cup has operated in Tully, for about 2 ½ years, it was just recently planted at its current location at 13 Clinton Street about five months ago. Originally located in the Tully Artworks building, Bloomin’ Cup faced some challenges in the form of very little parking for customers and an air of invisibility that made it difficult for potential patrons to find. Yearning for additional space, parking, and a more visible presence, Melissa Flint-Morgan, owner of Bloomin’ Cup, made the move to the brand-new building in May of this year.

Bloomin’ Cup faced a new set of challenges during in its new digs. The fresh start has been a learning experience for Melissa, who has worked hard to smooth out the bumpy road that comes with a business expansion. “This has been a process of trial and error,” she said. “Operating out of a small kitchen and offering all of our own homemade soups, salads and baked goods is all new to me. I’ve learned a lot by asking questions of individuals with knowledge of this kind of business.”

Melissa’s love of coffee developed when she was an undergrad and worked in a coffee shop in the Jewish Community Center in Rochester, NY.  “I loved work, my co-workers, and the coffee. I was happy to get up and go to work every morning.” Though she has a Master’s Degree in teaching and curriculum, Melissa’s passion for coffee and the camaraderie the beverage engenders prevailed. “I came back to coffee because I believe it brings people together. You can see people gathering together here over a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup . . . it just brings the community together.” Tully didn’t have a coffee shop or a business that had the right atmosphere as a gathering place, so she set out to create one.

Moving Bloomin’ Cup has allowed Melissa to not only refresh her business, but to start over from scratch and expand. With everything brand-new, from the freshly paved parking lot to her new kitchen and staff, she has had the opportunity to try different ways to realize her vision. “I wanted to create an environment of inclusiveness, where people of all ages and walks of life are welcome, rather than catering to a specific demographic,” she said. “I have carried that principle through with my staff, as well. I have a great staff. They are kind, dedicated, and they understand my mission.”

Melissa is able to breathe a bit easier now as Bloomin’ Cup is running beginning to run smoothly. She will be expanding the coffee house just a bit further during the winter months, with plans to enclose the outdoor covered patio with glass panels and add space heaters, so that patrons of Bloomin’ Cup can sit outside and be warm as they watch the snow fall.

Currently, Bloomin’ Cup is partnering with Kowbell Farms to hold a pumpkin carving contest. All you need to do is stop inside and register as a participant, and you can pick up a free pumpkin! Take it home, carve it, and bring it back. Ballots will be provided so that everyone can vote for their favorite pumpkin!

Bloomin’ Cup is an excellent place to check out – especially now that the fall chill has set in! If you are out and about and looking to warm up a bit, stop in at 13 Clinton Street, Tully, grab a hot coffee beverage and a snack and get cozy! You can also order by phone: dial (315) 403-9019, and welcome Bloomin’ Cup to its new location!

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