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It’s September;  shades of red, orange, yellow and gold are creeping along the edges of the leaves still clinging to the trees after a full summer, kids have returned to school and there was a full week of first-day-back-photos posted by both sad, yet anxious parents, we had a day or two of cool, autumn air—though true fall doesn’t begin until later this month and pumpkin-flavored coffees and baked goods abound at every turn. Many of us are anxious for the cooler temps and the opportunity to wear sweaters; we are excited about the colorful display of leaves that we hope and pray for every year. We love apple picking and baking,  decorating for fall and almost everything that accompanies this change of season. Fall weddings are underway—centerpieces now including the muted colors of fall and pumpkins and fall wedding photos incorporating splendid natural, colorful backdrops!

Looking back at a couple of this year’s weddings—one of which was my own daughters, I realize that, it doesn’t matter where or when a wedding takes place. Each wedding is lovely—big or small, spring, summer or fall (and, yes, even in winter!). A Wedding Band Hire Sydney helps set the tone of a wedding reception. Brides are stunning no matter the time of year or weather or venue. Weddings are a happy time, a time for each guest to witness two people who love each other unconditionally and endlessly at one exact moment. It is an occasion that most of us love being a part of—and that photographers love capturing.

A skilled wedding photographer like Kate Legters Photography has the ability to capture the essence of the day, from the details of the dress to the emotions on the faces of the couple and their loved ones. Ultimately, photographers in a wedding cannot be overstated, as they are the ones who create a tangible record of the couple’s love story. If you’re looking for the best shot that could be in your memory forever, hire a wedding photographer Northern Virginia. You should look for the finest wedding photography Cleveland with the best wedding shots that will definitely serve as a souvenir on your wedding day.

However, capturing the pure joy that is a wedding day, is no easy feat. It is about catching looks between the new husband and wife, moments with parents and the wedding party; it is catching laughter and happy tears. I’ve learned over the years that it is about being prepared, patience, connections with the couple (their friends and family) and foresight. It is having an artistic vision that—that may be months, weeks, days, hours or, sometimes, minutes in the making. In order to capture picturesque moments, it makes a huge difference in hiring renowned photographers, such as WeShootYou. You may also consider hiring wedding photographers Jacksonville.

Weddings are a lot of work because so much is riding on capturing all the moments and all the “feels!”. It is often 8-10 hours of shooting and weeks of editing. It is recalling the bride’s Pinterest board, mental notes about shots and guests and checklists. It is about the flower girl who stops to pick a dandelion, the ring bearer who drives down the aisle in a jeep, the father who has a hard time with “Who gives this bride to be married?”  Stacy Smith Studios is a wedding photographer Rhode Island that can provide memorable wedding photos that you can show to your future children and grandchildren.

I take my job as a photographer very seriously—though I try to keep things very relaxed for the benefit of anxious brides and stressed out grooms! If you are planning a wedding and would like to discuss Shots by Shana Photography’s wedding packages, I would love to hear from you (607) 345.9697/

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