Integrated Veterinary Services

Integrated Veterinary Services

Posted by  //  August 17, 2018  //  Local Business

Tracey Stevens DVM, CVA
3438 Shingle Valley Rd
Genoa, NY 13071

Integrated Veterinary Services’ mission is to provide low-cost spay/neuter services.  This does not mean low QUALITY, however. Dr. Tracey has performed thousands of spay-neuter procedures. Our anesthesia protocol is extremely safe and effective and includes two different pain medications.  We also perform local blocks on every patient, so three different forms of pain control are working to keep your pet comfortable. There is one-on-one monitoring from the time your pet is induced (goes under anesthesia) until he or she is awake enough to go back to the cat or dog room.

So how do we keep fees so affordable?  We have very low overhead. What overhead we do have is spread out over a fairly large number of surgeries per day.  And because all we do is spay-neuter, we do not have to have x-ray machines, bloodwork machines, dental equipment, etc.  All this equipment is very expensive and these costs must be built into the fee structure at a regular practice.

Should I spay/neuter?

There is a lot of controversy right now about spaying and neutering dogs.  Do it or not? At what age? Removal of reproductive organs or just sterilization?  These are questions you will need to research and speak with your regular veterinarian about.  Whatever you decide PLEASE be responsible!! There are not enough homes….

For cats,  on the other hand, there is no question in my mind!  I am not aware of any research that shows detrimental effects of spaying and neutering cats, even as young as 3 months of age.  There are SO many cats and they are SO prolific. Uncontrolled breeding leads to over-crowding, disease, suffering, death. Let’s break this cycle and spay and neuter our cats early!!

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