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Get Your Pool Prepped for Autumn with Tarson Pools & Spas

Posted by  //  August 17, 2018  //  Local Business

By Shannon Myers

Sure, there are plenty of hot days left during the coming weeks in which you will still be able to enjoy your pool. But Labor Day will be here soon, and the kids will be returning to school, leaving us all asking, “Where did the summer go?”

While many of us in the Central New York region don’t want to think about the advent of cooler temperatures, it does pay to think ahead, especially when it comes to fall and winter prep – like closing your pool. It is also the perfect time to apply Pool Deck Coatings. Schedule your closing now, so that you don’t need to worry about it at the last minute, when the weather has already turned.

In business for 75 years, Tarson Pools and Spas has become a trusted and leading seller of pools and spas in Central New York. With seven different locations, Tarson Pools and Spas offers a large array of top of the line products, such as quality above ground pools and custom inground pools, state of the art spas, patio furniture, game tables, and pool accessories. Tarson Pools and Spas also offers a full service department to close your pool.It even holds a class in the fall for pool owners who want to learn how to properly close inground and above-ground pools, including above ground fibreglass pools, and review the correct chemicals to add over the winter. Click here to learn more about pool service.

What sets Tarson Pools & Spas apart from its competitors?

One of the most important elements that Tarson Pools and Spas offers is proper insurance coverage. This is a big help to consumers. And if you are installing a swimming pool for the first time, professional swimming pool builders are well-versed with the state’s laws regarding pool construction and water safety.

Moreover, what can set Tarson Pools & Spas apart is their collaboration with the Utah Pool Guy, a seasoned expert in pool design and installation. The Utah Pool Guy can bring a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring that each pool installation is a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers. This partnership can reinforce Tarson Pools & Spas’ commitment to providing top-notch service, making them the go-to choice for anyone seeking a trusted and skilled team for their swimming pool needs.

“We often get calls from consumers with price comparisons from other pool retail and servicers who offer lower pricing,” Bob said. “What consumers don’t know is that the recommended installers are not always fully insured, which is a high risk to the homeowner. The most important types of insurance that are necessary to protect the homeowner are worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. We carry these types of insurance, making our pricing a little higher, but adding immeasurable value for the consumer.”

Tarson Pools & Spas also has trained and certified staff for service. “We have CPO certified staff,” Bob said. “CPO is a New York State Certified Pool Operator class that our employees attend. They receive certification to acknowledge the build of the pool and both commercial and residential service work.”

You can find all of your pool care needs when you visit Tarson Pools & Spas at its new location at 953 McLean Road (next to Doug’s Fish Fry). For information about its other locations or to check out all that Tarson Pools & Spas has to offer, visit www.tarsonpools.com. And don’t forget to call (607) 758-3550 to schedule your pool closing, now!

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