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Shipwreck Amusements, LLC to Host Open House

Posted by  //  July 31, 2018  //  Local Business

By Shannon Myers 

Ahoy, mateys! Owning a house is everyone’s dream while to know about the painting you can also visit as they can help you in painting your houses.Shipwreck Mini Golf is under new ownership, and the new owners have planned an exciting Open House on Saturday, August 4th to celebrate!

The Open House promises to offer loads of family fun! In addition to the amusements already available, there will be a dunk booth, a pirate costume contest, and nautical/pirate knot-tying lessons. The “family fowl” – JoJo the macaw and Jasper the parrot – will be present for the festivities, as well as Achoo “Chooey” Leach – the family camel. That’s right – Achoo, the camel.

“Why buy a camel? Well, why not?” said Barb Leach, who now owns the business with her husband, Greg.  “He brings joy to people.” The family takes Achoo around to many community activities – he also participates in nativity scenes! “He can handle any kind of weather,” Bard added. “He likes to lie down in the snow.”

Having a camel as part of their family just illustrates how much the Leaches love to have fun. “Who Has More Fun Than Us?” is Shipwreck Amusements, LLC’s new tagline, and they’ve even printed it on their Shipwreck t-shirts.

Best known to us locals as Shipwreck Mini Golf or Shipwreck Pirate Golf, the amusement center kind of landed in the Leach’s laps. When the previous owners approached them two years ago about purchasing the business, Barb and Greg decided against it. Then, in March of this year, they discussed it again and concluded that the business would be a good retirement investment. The business changed hands on June 13 and “Shipwreck Golf Amusement Center” became “Shipwreck Amusements, LLC”.

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Shipwreck Amusements, LLC currently boasts both indoor and outdoor pirate-themed mini golf courses, a target paint ball area, a birthday room, bounce houses, an ice cream and concessions building, and a brand-new arcade that the Leaches have added. You can also have a look at the BounceWater Inflatable Sales link for more info on getting all of the fun items. The Leaches have made additional improvements, including  repairs to the lighthouse and many of the other outdoor golf course ornaments; staining both of the pirate ships; repaving the driveway and parking lot; and repainting nearly the entire interior of the facility with the help of experts from That’s a whole flurry of work done in just a few weeks!

“The birthday room can be rented out for other uses,” Barb said. “We recently hosted a high school reunion, and Vacation Bible School had a gathering here as a ‘thank you’ to all of their teachers and volunteers. We also hope to use the room for Team Building.”

Shipwreck Golf Amusement Center originally opened in 2004,offering the outdoor pirate-themed mini golf course and the ice cream building. Several years later, the indoor mini golf building was added.

“We would like to continue to expand,” Barb said. “We are just not quite sure what direction we want to take, yet. We would like to take advantage of the front building, which is currently used for storage. We also have a ‘Suggestions Jar’ available for our customers to use to let us know what they would like to see.”

You can visit Shipwreck Amusement, LLC on the web at to find out about their specials, which include a flat-rate “Golf and Small Soft Ice Cream” package, 3 Activity Bundles, and more! You can also find them on Facebook at Shipwreck Amusements, or call them at (607) 758-8585. Better yet, pay them a visit at 759 State Route 13, Cortland, NY. They are open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 11 pm.

And remember to mark your calendars and bring your family to the Open House on Saturday, August 4, from 12-4 pm, for an exciting day of family pirate fun!

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