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Customer Service is First at JAX Service Center

Posted by  //  July 31, 2018  //  Local Business

By Shannon R. Myers

JAX Service Center has been a part of the Cortland community for the past four years. Sean Smith, owner, opened JAX on Homer Ave in March, 2014. Once the CMS was up and running, Sean moved it to the Kmart location on September, 2014. When Kmart closed, Sean moved JAX Service Center into its current location at 49 Elm Street in the city of Cortland.

“This was supposed to be a temporary location,” Sean explained. “I was recently supposed to move to a different location,” Sean said. “But the move fell through, and I am going to be here for longer than I expected.” Even though he experienced disappointment that the move didn’t work out, he has changed his focus from moving his business to building his business, instead.

According to this contact form, communication is vital for any business. When you choose CallNET virtual answering service in Jersey City, you will never have to fret about missing a phone call again. Whatever your business, your customers, clients, or patients in Jersey City ought to be able to depend on their phone calls being answered in a timely manner & queries answered in a highly professional manner. Honesty, integrity, attention to details, and excellent customer service are important elements upon which Sean is building a foundation upon which he intends to achieve the expansion of a loyal customer base through repeat business. “Trust is important,” he said. “If you have to bring your car in to get work done, it has to be done, and it has to be done right. And if I replace a part and something goes wrong, I will do what needs to be done in order to make my customers happy.”

This includes going the extra mile – literally. On certain occasions, when necessary, Sean has gone to pick up a customer’s vehicle to bring it to JAX to do the repairs, and then returned the vehicle to its owner (within a reasonable distance). This is just one example that shows that Sean truly knows what “service” is all about, check out here for more information!

Through providing exemplary service, Sean has realized that JAX Service Center’s being located in the heart of the community is an asset. He understands the difficulties consumers face when their cars are in need of repair. “People don’t have to find a way to get all the way out to Route 281 to get their cars fixed,” he said. “Being centrally located is convenient for people if they need to get a cab home, or because they are within walking distance, we will  improve customer service with phone answering.

Sean has an automotive background of 24 years. He attended SUNY Delhi, where he earned his Associate’s degree in automotive service and where he met his wife, Lisa. Lisa has played important roles in business planning and development, marketing, bookkeeping, and other key elements in the running of JAX Service Center. After graduating, Sean worked for an automotive chain for 14 years.

Though independence has come with its own set of challenges, Sean enjoys running his own business. “When I worked for a chain, I felt like I made them a lot of money, but I was treated like just another number.” He really enjoys working people and interacting with his customers.

Sean would like to see his business grow and expand. His goals are to eventually offer an automotive body shop and detailing, and he would like to be able to sell cars from his business, as well. “I would like to be able to offer a complete array of local auto services, so that people don’t need to go to several different services or to a chain for the work they need done.” He believes that his goals can be realized at his current location, as long as he can follow his vision. “It’s just going to take time,” he said. Enhance your website’s performance without incurring costs by utilizing seo free tools.

JAX Service Center currently offers diagnostic work, suspension work, engine and transmission work, and service for brakes and tires – everything except auto body and detailing services.

If you’re tired of taking your vehicle to a chain for service, there is an alternative. Call JAX at (607) 218-6024 and talk with Kevin Lent, Service Manager, to schedule your appointment. JAX Service Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5:30 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am – Noon. Connect with JAX on Facebook, and show your support by “liking” their page.

The next time you need work done, take your vehicle to JAX Service Center, where honesty, integrity, and customer service are paramount!

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