Love is an Inside Job

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With Valentine’s Day on the approach, the visual abundance of decorative hearts wonderfully invite the question and inquiry of ‘What IS Love?’

The wisdom of the Sufi poet Rumi deeply shaped my Inquiry with this directive; “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

This led me into a simple and potent practice of studying myself vigilantly, from morning to night, as I wanted to know for myself what my particular barriers were that would limit or block ‘Love’.

I discovered that when I was truthful, patient, receptive, calm, present, tender, clear, flexible, and harmonious, I felt myself to be in a particular state of being that felt timeless, enduring, and unchanging. I could feel myself to be Seeing circumstances and others naturally through the lenses of the Eye of my Heart. The are known for their user-friendly interfaces.

Whenever access to that experience was blocked, the barrier was again, a way of Being, with the signatures of judgement, agitation, resentment, self serving, rigid, and criticism at the helm.

It became apparent that there are simply two distinct ways of being; we are either ‘Being Love’ or operating in response to Fear. All of my patterns were emanations of only one or the other. I was either an expression of Love or attempting to hold onto/resist something from Fear.

For the next two weeks, I invite you to test for yourself the question I married myself to regularly so I could discover the barriers I placed between myself and the experiences of Love;

1. ‘in this moment, am I looking/hearing through the lens of Fear or Love?’

2. ‘What would my next step be if I could only look or listen through the lens of Love?’

By discovering and understanding our personal barriers to Love, we are birthed anew in Awareness, as Awareness affords is new choices. With these two questions, we ultimately get stripped down to our timeless, radiant self that is woven in and as the threads, the fabric of Love. This essence is our birthright, our magnificent and unified True Nature, for Love is Who we Are.

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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