CNY Living History Center

CNY Living History Center

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4386 US Route 11
Cortland, NY

2017 marked the fifth year anniversary of the opening of the CNY Living History Center and a lot has changed since 2012! Last year was perhaps one the best years the Center has experienced to date and that is all thanks to our members and volunteers. Both came together to build, curate, and organize the best exhibits this Center has ever housed. Each museum had its volunteers go above and beyond in every aspect and do something that they had never done before. Both members and volunteers came together to create some of the best exhibits yet!

The Homeville Museum took on the ambitious project of constructing a full-scale WWI trench inside the museum. Complete with rats and sound effects, give the visitor a look into what life was like for those who fought over 100 years ago. In our Brockway Museum, we managed to break the record of most number of trucks on display with a full dozen. Previous years have seen nine and maybe sometimes even ten trucks on display but never a full dozen. Our volunteers pulled off a miracle by squeezing a whole two extra full-size Brockways on the floor!  In the Tractors of Yesteryear Museum, members decided to show the legendary war of two brands: John Deere and International. Such a theme has never been curated before in the TOYs component and has become one of our exhibits with the most intriguing backstory! However, our exhibits aren’t the only things that have continued to get better and better each year.

In 2017 the CNY Living History Center experienced a whole ten percent increase in overall admissions from the previous year! That means that our visitors love history just as much as we do! The museum continues to grow in many aspects each and every year, and our fifth year in business was an exceptional one. So we would like to give a special thank you to all of our visitors, members, and volunteers who constantly support us and allow us to bring history to life for all to enjoy! Also don’t forget to keep an eye for our 2018 exhibit reveal because we have many more ambitious projects coming your way, so stay tuned!

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