‘Your Presence is Your Most Powerful Gift’

Posted by  //  January 15, 2018  //  Local Business

We are wired to seek and thrive in Connection with one another, to feel the experience of our life having purpose & meaning, and to emit the Joy that flows effortlessly through us, outwardly for others.

Connection, Meaning, & Joy are both our birthright and our True Nature.

The single most potent way you can gift YourSelf and others the felt experience of Connection is with your Presence. Presence is who you Are, naturally, when you are not distracted while engaging with another. It’s your eyes meeting the eyes of strangers in your community and offering a gentle smile.

When our eyes Welcome one another with the warmth of a smile, even just for a mere second, a Connection happens. Over time, this simple practice of your Presence becomes a direct experience where you will recognize that you are now Seeing others from the Clarity from the ‘Eyes of your Heart’. It is through these lenses that we See and Feel our

Connected Humanity. We Feel our inherent Unity in one another’s eyes.

I invite you to bring this one practice into your life for the next two weeks; Practice giving others your undivided attention.

It can be offered to those you simply pass by, to those around you as you move about your community, and especially with the members of your household.

Listen to others with your Presence; without multitasking. Give others your Eyes and your full attention, and you will give them the profound experience we are starved for in our present culture; the experience of truly being Seen.

When we offer our Presence, we truly See one another. Our Kindest Humanity within and with one another is our full capacity, lived, in Action.

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit www.YogaFarm.us.

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