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Halloween: Enough with the Elsas

Posted by  //  October 9, 2017  //  Local Business

By Shana L Karn, Shots by Shana Photography & Co-Owner, The Second Knob Gifts & Antiques

“You can do anything you set your mind to and be anyone you want to be.”

This is the message that we need to instill in our children today and every day. With Halloween just around the corner, I find myself encouraging natural smiles with easy, kid-friendly dialogue. This time of year, I often ask about what the child plans to be for Halloween. There is very little that surprises me. Little boys tend to lean toward superheroes and little girls toward princesses (most often the famous Disney Princesses). Occasionally, little girls opt for the ever-popular, “go-to” witch costume.

Since school started, I’ve found myself enjoying photographing some school sports. This fall, it seems that I’ve spent the most time photographing girls’ sports both in and outside of school— dancing, volleyball, cheerleading and field hockey. The girls involved in these sports are all different shapes and sizes; they are all committed to the sport they play— and they are all strong. More importantly, these girls are learning teamwork and acceptance. They embrace each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to appreciate their differing abilities. These girls celebrate a well-played game not just wins — even when they are flying “solo” across the stage or gym floor, these girls are part of something bigger than just themselves. The training and learning that comes along with being coached or instructed differs from the learning that takes place in the classroom. It is an active learning— a combination of visual, aural and physical styles. These sports build physical strength, endurance and social skills (cooperation, respect, leadership and sense of belonging) children often can’t get in the typical classroom.

Want to inspire your child to be all s/he can be? Encourage participation in sports! Even the youngest children can get involved in team sports— dancing, soccer, tee-ball, etc. Bring your children to watch school sports and encourage them to root for their team. If you don’t understand the sport you are watching, ask another parent on the sidelines to explain it to you and your child. Discuss what is happening on the stage or field and praise players for playing hard whether they win or lose. If a batter strikes out or a dancer falls, don’t be negative but encourage empathy. Dance studios often offer open houses to encourage participation; don’t hesitate to reach out to a studio and ask about watching a class or even “trying out” a class.

School-age athletes will certainly stun your child(ren) with their ability to leap, soar through the air, hit a ball that is speeding right toward them! They seem to fly — and appear to defy gravity. They will certainly inspire your child(ren)! So, with Halloween right around the corner, get your kids interested in more than Elsa or Ariel! Even Superman can step aside for a year so that your child(ren) can dress up as their favorite high school athlete or as the athlete they want to be; it’s a great way to encourage your child(ren) to believe in themselves and their abilities!

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