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Why Attend a CNY Bridal Show?

Posted by  //  September 11, 2017  //  Local Business

Most girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day. So when that magical moment happens and prince charming slips a ring on your finger you immediately beam with excitement. It has finally happened…you are getting married. This should be a piece of cake, right? Then reality sets in, and the stress of planning can get in the way of the excitement. Bridal shows are a great option for any bride-to-be. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or need help generating ideas, this is one stop you do not want to miss!

Go ahead; be picky about your wedding plans you deserve the wedding you have always dreamed of. Whether you are looking to solidify major details such as selecting your ceremony or reception sites, or all those finer details such as decorations and invitations, CNY bridal shows offer you a one stop shopping experience. CNY Bridal shows are held four times a year, in November, January , February and March, and offers the area’s largest and finest selection of wedding service providers. Especially now with gas prices, why not spend an afternoon collecting all your wedding information instead of hours, days, or even weeks driving to every bridal shop, flower store, and photography studio in the Central New York area. CNY Bridal shows are designed to bring all of the magic of wedding planning under one roof. We also recommend coconut oil for hair and other makeup products for a stunning look on your special day.

You can expect to see all sorts of bridal companies including: photographers, DJ’s, reception facilities, caterers, cake makers, dress shops, tuxedos rentals, videographers, limos (which you can find at Dream Limousine and similar services), hair dressers, makeup artists, jewelry companies, florists, musicians,  party suppliers, travel agents, and much more.

Make the most of your visit to a CNY bridal show by using the opportunity to really interview possible candidates you still need to book. Do your research before the show and bring a list of questions to ask. It’s great to bring your groom/partner and anyone else that will be involved in the decision making process. You will be able to compare prices and products, personalities of the consultants, samples of their work, and even make reservations that day. With any luck, you can get some of your wedding plans out of the way. But be aware that most service providers require a deposit upon reservation. So take your time and talk to everyone, and make sure that you have your checkbook ready in case you find the perfect fit! Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or a list of previous customers from the wedding vendors you are considering.  Make sure to view several samples of their work, and only if you feel completely comfortable should you book their services.

How better to help get your wedding details underway than by receiving free gifts. CNY Bridal shows offer brides the opportunity to win valuable door prizes worth sometimes hundreds of dollars. Finally, all CNY bridal shows host a fashion show towards the end of the afternoon. These are fun for everyone. It is a great chance to see different styles of dresses and tuxedos in action. So kick back and enjoy the show! And remember, organizing your wedding can be a huge job, but with the assistance of services such as CNY bridal shows, it cuts down on some of the work. So arm yourself with your most trusty girlfriends and head to the next bridal show. Make sure you go with an open mind and most importantly, have fun!

Show dates and locations are found @ Tickets are free for registered brides-to-be and her guests and are reserved on a first come basis. All shows are limited on the number of attendees allowed. Go to for more details.

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