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When we see the New York State Fair in full bloom, we all know that summer is quickly coming to a close and with it, the end of the warmer temperatures. Knowing we have but a short time to get the exteriors of our homes and businesses sealed up and ready for the 7 months of colder weather to come, the time to act is right now.

So, what are some of the things you should be doing to prepare for the coming colder weather? Here at Old School Artisan, we believe it’s best to start with those projects that will not only protect your investments, but help save some money too! Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

First, we recommend you hire a roof repair contractor and have your roof inspected, so it can be repaired and or a roofing replacement can be done if necessary. Our trusted roofing services is from proroofingamerica.com. With an average of 9’ of snow per year in the central New York area, keeping the water, snow and ice outside where it belongs is paramount. Replacing broken or missing shingles and repairing deteriorated valleys, is a good place to start. The roofing companies near Panama City offer these services.

Even the simplest thing like moss build up, which impedes water shedding from your roof, should be addressed. Check and seal your ridge vents and the plumbing pipe and exhaust vent penetration flashings.  A cracked and deteriorating chimney is a probable leak, so pointing the bricks and replacing the flashing will be important. If you think your pipes still lack on security, you can also check out the triple offset butterfly valves as this are guaranteed to secure any leakages as top companies would emphasized.

Be sure you get those gutters and downspouts repaired and cleaned as directing water away from your building is always a good thing. The leaks on your pipes and other plumbing issues can be fixed learn this here now to know how. You can find more info here to understand that the biggest action you can take to prevent leaks in your roof, is to be sure you have enough insulation and proper ventilation in the attic, which will go a long way to cure leaking caused by the buildup of ice at the eaves or “ice damming” as it were. In our 43 years in the construction industry, we have yet to find a building with too much insulation!

Seal up those windows and doors! Sometimes all it takes is a little caulk around the perimeter of the openings in the walls of your building. Check to be sure your windows all close, seal and latch properly. In this day and age, window replacement is very cost effective especially when considering heat loss caused by those old, drafty windows. Why not look for one of the best window replacement companies if you’re in need of window replacement that can allow your home to maintain a comfortable temperature?

You can also check out Lifetime Exteriors online, for best window replacement services.

Doors should have the hinges and locksets checked and tightened and the sweeps at the bottoms adjusted and or replaced if necessary. It’s a good idea to seal around the dryer vent and water spigots too. Last but not least, make sure your basement windows are up to snuff and sealed properly.

There are many things to consider when contemplating the coming cold season beside keeping the cold out, like the amount of time we will be forced to spend inside!  The time to get that family room in basement or the “man cave” in the garage ready for the long winter use is here.  There will be much more cooking, eating, and entertaining done inside too, so getting that old, inefficient kitchen remodeled is something to be undertaken soon as well.

If being on a ladder or roof is not your cup of tea, or remodeling the basement or kitchen is beyond your expertise, we understand, which is why you need only pick up the phone and give us a call at 607-745-9900 or 315-447-7220. We are Cortland’s oldest and most trusted general contracting firm and are ready to do all we can to help protect your homes and businesses and minimizing those winter blues.  To learn more about us, please go to: www.OldSchoolArtisan.com.

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