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Next year is the 50th Anniversary of Steve McQueen’s Cult Classic… BULLITT… and that is in the works – For Now…

The “soggy” Spring and Summertime weather has dampened the classic car scene just a bit, but with each moment the sun does shine… somebody in Central New York takes a car for a run and “hopes” to beat the rain drops!

And… as long as we are on the topic of beating… have you heard about the power to the pedal that the big 3 are scheming on?

Back from the dead, Dodge has unleashed the DEMON. While most thought that the HELLCAT was a relative to El Diablo, it seems that a car with a cute little devil cartoon that was last seen in 1971-1972 has come back with a desire to meet and beat any production car bar none, at the track.

While the Demon of the early 70’s did have a V8 engine… it was a 340 cubic inch beast that lived for just 2 years and was killed off by fuel efficiency rules at the end of 1972.

This re-incarnation… 800 plus horsepower and a written promise NOT to install a passenger seat if you chose to not order one in the car! If you are afraid of the Dodge SRT Demon then stand back as Hennessey Motorsports plans on bringing the Exorcist out.

The Exorcist is a 1000 horsepower Chevrolet Camaro. A purpose built Demon killer that has been designed with one purpose… Sending a Demon directly to hell.

Each year we seem to find that the Pony wars from the 60’s and 70’s are still alive and well, but did you know that more and more American Bred Horses are still in the works?

Petty’s Garage (yes, the King of Nascar – Richard Petty) has worked with Mahle to create a 1000hp beast?! But… it does not stop there! A company is also taking the Chevrolet Camaro “apart” and re-creating the PONTIAC Super Duty 455….yet another 1000hp contender!

Before you start saying thinking like that’s crazy or that is overkill and not even realistic for street use, remember that man has been chasing speed since he first created the wheel.    One off cars built in backyard shops or specialty shops have been around for years… but a factory built car with some kind of warranty…that is unheard of.

Yes… the Pony Car wars are still going strong and regardless of what brand you prefer… our domestic roots are in fast cars and the push for more speed.

And, while today’s cars are modern renditions of the dream machines of our youths… they can never truly replace that feeling of the early years. The first generation Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Demon and Trans Am were the dreams that helped turn little boys into men and little girls into women.

No iPads or cell phones. No computers or cable TV’s… it was friends out tuning cars and trading parts. Backyard paint jobs and testing your limits but not really trying to cause “trouble.” There have been a few people that have asked why the Chevrolet Corvette was not part of the battle and to answer that we must remember that the Corvette was a two seat sport sedan for the early years and in later years grew into a world class super car. It never fit that “pony car battle.”

Mustang, Trans Am, Camaro and Challenger… these pony cars are truly the basis of what most people think about when they are discussing American Muscle Cars then and now.

Back in the day, each manufacturer regardless of brand, had created some amazing vehicles and a few cars that were never truly loved. Today they are classics, each and every one of them. They are Muscle Cars. They are… our history and our legacy of what the world would come to think of as “American know how!”

Regardless of what the future may hold for these veterans of the street and strip… we already know the past, and we embrace it. We are Americans… and we have “been there, and done that.” Hopefully, this is a legacy and value that we will pass that passion on to our children.

Perhaps giving a niece or nephew a “wild” ride that will inspire them to not only remember that ‘crazy” uncle years from now but will serve to spark an interest in our car shows, restorations and desire to go cruising on the way to get ice cream.

Take your “time machine” old or new out to the Cort-lanes Bowling Center on Tompkins Street for the Tuesday Nite Cruise-Ins.

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