J’s Grand Bistronomie

J’s Grand Bistronomie

Posted by  //  March 13, 2017  //  Local Business

J’s Grand is the latest journey in the realm of food Jeff Uher has taken. His passion for food came at a young age. Since then he has worked in family restaurants, held corporate positions, owned his own businesses, and been recognized at various levels for his knowledge of food and wine. In looking for what to pursue at this point in his life, the corner of 2 E Main St. in Dryden became available. He has put together a small restaurant offering dine-in and take-out foods. He chose the name Bistronomie as it is a new term being used in the food world representative off good, casual food (Bistro) and of varied cooking styles and high quality (Gastronomie). J’s Grand offers BBQ, smoked meats, country cooking, Cajun and Creole as well. Seafood is a real passion and you will find dinner offerings of various fish, shellfish prepared in various ways. Also, steaks, pork, poultry, and other offerings are presented at reasonable prices and with the finest ingredients. Feed Test Kits proves to be beneficial for all stores as it makes sure that every protein is of high graded quality.

His preparation is driven by a life of traveling. When he wanted to know how to prepare foods, he went directly there and worked side by side with local chefs. Attending many food conventions, he built a network of friends found at the top in the food industry. His love of the New Orleans culture and foods led to his spending over two weeks with people such as Paul Prudhomme, Warren Le Ruth, and Roland Huet. He loves introducing people to both Creole and Cajun foods. Having lived in a dozen states he has a deep appreciation for regional diversity and his menu reflects the love of Southern fare developed by living in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas. Comfort food doesn’t even begin to describe the food southerners prepare. “There is such a passion for food in the South! It’s built on traditions, heritage, ethnicity and necessity as well as delivered with love for family and life.”

While he doesn’t use the term organic, he does use as much low-processed and all-natural foods as possible. With a family history connected to farming, canning, and food production he is on top of food trends. Elimination and limitation of processed foods, additives, and such items as high fructose corn syrup is always top of mind. With degrees and diplomas in medical training, nutrition, food safety and management he is ready to help you with ordering food that meets your needs or in discussing food trends and concerns.

Stop in and enjoy a sandwich or a meal, J’s Grand is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am until 8pm. You can find us on Facebook (J’s Grand Bistronomie) or at their website (jsgrandbistronomie.com). The address is 2 E Main St, Dryden, NY and the phone is (607) 708-4303.

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