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Back to Basics Bulk Food – Brand Name Food Without the Fancy Package

Posted by  //  January 30, 2017  //  Local Business

At Back to Basics, they follow a few simple philosophies that translate into a higher quality product and lower prices for you. They buy in bulk and break it down into smaller packages, saving you money. Here you aren’t paying for the fancy packaging, so you benefit from a lower cost while still getting the quality you’re looking for in a convenient package size. They are able to provide quantities that can range from a half-pound to as much as a pallet load. Back to Basics specializes in carrying all types of baking supplies. This includes an array of sprinkles and baking decorations, nuts, grains, specialty flours, including gluten free and unusual flavorings. Snack lovers will find an amazing selection of pretzels, chips and unusual mixes, dried fruits, roasted and raw nuts, and seeds. There’s a great variety of nuts available for consumers to go nuts over: peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, and many others. The store is stocked with a huge variety of baking chips including lemon, cinnamon, peanut butter, white chocolate, and 2 sizes of semisweet and milk chocolate. Back to Basics also offers items for those with dietary restrictions. Products are on hand to help meet these restrictions and provide a more comfortable transition to a new diet. The store sells all kinds of cereals, grains, pastas and candies. The dark chocolate items are a special favorite of the store. Such items as the dark chocolate cherries, cranberries, and ginger are hard to keep on the shelf. The deli is stocked with unusual items such as Amish Yogurt cheese, Lebanon Bologna, Sweet Bologna and other favorites from John F. Martin of Lancaster County, PA. Teas; both loose and in bags, are another favorite at Back to Basics. Also available is local raw honey. Buy it off the shelf or you can bring in your own jar and have it filled at a discounted price. The store also offers custom gift baskets or gift certificates for those special people in your lives. Don’t forget the spices! A great selection, at a fraction of the costs of those little jars.

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Back to Basics Bulk Food is open Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturday 9am to 4pm. For more information, call them at (607) 844-8074, or stop into the store at 2207 Dryden Road (Route 13) to see just what they have to offer.

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