Shipwreck Presents 10 Fun Kid Activities For Winter

Posted by  //  January 8, 2017  //  Local Business

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Cortland is known for its fun winter activities. We all love skiing, playing inside mini golf, bowling, ice skating and sledding. We love having our kids home for winter break, but let’s admit, after a few days , a few newly broken Christmas toys and the third trip to the store to get more batteries it’s time to unplug and have some simple fun. So here are 10 things for kids to do inside and out during winter break.

So when you hear “I’m bored!” it will be time to tackle the list. 1. Visit the animal shelter and donate your old newspapers and cat toys. 2. Make bird feeders out of drink containers and hang them outside. 3. Go for a hike. 4. Make a tent with furniture and blankets and read a book inside. 5. Make your own thank you cards for your gifts. 6. Make a snowman. 7. Perform a play. 8. Create an in house scavenger hunt. 9. Make animals out of food. 10. Sort the olds toys and donate them.

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