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A very popular fish is the striped raphael catfish.This peaceful, nocturnal species is a popular aquarium fish due to its pleasant temperament and curious nature.The striped Raphael catfish are commonly found in the Amazon and they have been introduced into the united states.

These fish burrow in the soft river bottoms and frequently occurs on sandy bottom. These fish feed on mollusks, crustaceans and organic debris.They have rigid pectoral fin spines.The striped Raphael catfish also has tiny and curved protective spines running along its body.The striped Raphael catfish is a fine and sociable community fish that are peaceful to fellow catfishes and other fish species. However,they are nocturnal,and are usually not visible during the day. It is best not to catch the striped Raphael catfish with a fish net because they are prone to sticking out their pectoral fin spines in a very rigid manner, especially if stressed. Untangling these spines from a net is difficult and dangerous to both handler and fish. Alternative methods should be used.I use a brine shrimp net to catch them because the net is unlike a normal fish net, less holes, almost more like a pillowcase. The catfish does not get stuck in the net.

The Raphael catfish will make some grunting/squeaking noises while out of water. Although generally sociable with other fish, sometimes this fish can feed on smaller fish so take care when introducing any fish that might fit into it’s mouth.

The striped raphael is a very popular catfish, hardy and a very pretty fish. We do stock them here at PETS A PLENTY.

Pets A Plenty is located on Rte 281 Cortland, across from Tops Market in the TJ Nails Plaza. 753-9213. Open 7 days a week. We now have a website. www.petsaplety.biz. check it out. I post care sheets, coupons, new animal arrivals, contests and more. Any questions, email me at friskyy@hotmail.com

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  1. Craig December 22, 2016 at 9:19 am · Reply

    The Raphael catfish seems interested, not come across it before myself but a big fan of the Zebra Pleco catfish. Thanks for taking the time to do a write up though, very helpful.

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