Windy Hill Taxidermy

Windy Hill Taxidermy

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3594 Burtless Rd.
Moravia, NY 13118
(315) 497-0849.

Windy Hill Taxidermy was started in 1985 in Jon’s cellar, by 1987, he had grown to the point he moved into his barn. Jon started competing in taxidermy competitions in 1987. After learning from his mistakes and listening to the judges critics, plus having live deer and an aviary, Jon started to dominate taxidermy competitions. From 1989 to 1996 he won over 100 State, National, Regional and Canadian awards. His biggest accomplishment was to win the Joseph Brucak award 5 years in a row. The Brucak award was for the top 5 highest scoring mounts in the competition. It was never done before or ever repeated.

After becoming the president of the NYS Taxidermy Association, Jon retired from competition. One of Jon’s best accomplishment was to join the two Taxidermy Association, they were split due to a series of disagreements with the board for over 15 years. After that he stepped down to concentrate on his own business.

Windy Hill Taxidermy produces some of the finest quality mounts in the state. Windy Hill only uses the best materials on the market and puts a Lifetime Guarantee on all his work. You can see his competition work incorporated in all of his mounts. Windy Hill Taxidermy’s Slogan has always been, the sweetness of low prices is soon forgotten after the bitterness of poor quality remains.

If you want to shop taxidermy mounts, give Jon a call at Windy Hill Taxidermy, where customer service is still very important.

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