CRT Holds Auditions for Two One-Act Plays

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Cortland Repertory Theatre is holding local auditions for non-union actors for an evening of two one-act plays being performed in October: “The Receptionist” a dark comedy by Adam Bock, and “The Birds” a thriller by Conor McPherson, based on the short story by Daphne du Maurier. Producing Artistic Director: Kerby Thompson. Director: Shaun Peknic (Associate Director of Broadway’s Tony-Award Winning Musical “ONCE” and director of CRT’s “Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror” in 2015).

Seeking actors to be cast in both plays. Paid positions. Rehearsals in Cortland run from September 27 – October 12. Actors must be available for day and evening rehearsals. Performances run October 12-23. 2 weeks rehearsal, 10 performances. Due to the short time frame, please be sure you are available for ALL rehearsal and performance dates before attending. The theatre is an intimate 125 seat, alley style black box. Housing will be in private homes. The ability to provide your own housing and/or car is helpful.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 3 from 10:00 – 4:00 at Cortland Repertory Theatre Downtown, 24 Port Watson Street, Cortland, NY. Auditionees will be seen on a first come-first seen basis. Doors will open at 9:00 AM; sign-ups list will begin at that time. Please bring a current headshot and theatre resume, and prepare one or two brief (1 – 2 minute) memorized monologues. You may also be asked to read a side from the show. Please, no phone calls.

THE PLAYS: “The Birds”: Four New Englanders surviving a societal collapse after worldwide attacks by birds have changed cultural norms. Trapped in a farmhouse, paranoia becomes more threatening than the attacking birds outside.   “The Receptionist”: A Corporate America office which does a questionable business. Beverly runs the office very efficiently, juggling phones, her family, visitors and co-workers needs…until a stranger from the Home Office arrives and employees start disappearing.


Diane in “The Birds”/Beverly in “The Receptionist”: Seeking one actress to play both roles. Age range: late 30’s – early 50’s. Diane (“The Birds”): A writer. Plain, very complex, smart, calm but filled with pain and fear. Somewhat of a mother figure for Nat, but attracted to him as well. Coping with the situation, but decidedly ruthless when the time comes. Beverly (“The Receptionist”): The receptionist for a small corporate office. Motherly, chatty, gossipy. Very in charge of her own world, which is her desk. Easily juggles phone calls, visitors and co-workers needs. Comic timing necessary.

Julia in “The Birds”/Lorraine in “The Receptionist”: Seeking one actress to play both roles. Late 20’s – Early 30’s. Julia (“The Birds”): Attractive, sexy, not as much of a victim as she lets on, manipulative, resourceful. Plays innocent, but is usually scheming and surviving. Knows what she wants and how to get it. Lorraine (“The Receptionist”): A young corporate executive. Having romantic troubles, which she freely gossips about with Beverly. Smart, quick witted, moving up the ladder.

Nat in “The Birds”/Mr. Dart in “The Receptionist”: Seeking one actor to play both roles. Late 20’s – mid 30’s. Nat (“The Birds”): Male, handsome, masculine, maintains charisma and sex appeal even in this bizarre life threatening situation. Equally a coward and an adventurer, depending on the challenge. Both a father figure and love interest for both women. Mr. Dart (“The Receptionist”): The outsider – a visitor from The Home Office. Charming, sexy, flirty, but has a definite dark side.
Tierney in “The Birds”/Mr. Raymond in “The Receptionist”: Seeking one (male) actor to play both roles. Age range: late 40’s – late 50’s. Tierney (“The Birds”): A farmer and a survivor. Brash, blunt, eccentric, intimidating and scary. Mr. Raymond (“The Receptionist”): The boss. Usually in charge, but has made a mistake and is troubled, beginning to fear for his job…and his life.

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