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Finger Lakes Microd Club – New Sportsman Class to Debut In Time for the 2017 Season

Posted by  //  August 2, 2016  //  News, Sports & Recreation

The Finger Lakes Microd Club is developing a New Class for the 2017 season. It will be called Sportsman Woodframe. The cars will have live axles & knuckle steering and will have woodframes similar to the Woodframe Classic Microds currently used at the track today.  At present the plan is for individual families to own their own Microds in this class, while the Club  may own a car or two in a for sale condition, there are no plans to Rent them like in the Woodframe Classic Microds as they have for 34 years now. Two cars are currently in the process of being built, with more to follow as Individuals place orders with track owner A.J. Burgess.  This is going to be a proprietary class, meaning you will have to purchase any parts used on the Microds from A.J. & the Club. This is a way of keeping uniformity from microd to microd, while keeping expensive parts off the cars. A Club motor will be used in this class for at least the first 2 Seasons. Our club has always been about keeping costs at a reasonable level. Anyone reading this that would be interested in racing with us in this class, should contact A.J. (see below) so they can be included in meetings that will be held Oct. thru March this winter.

We also should mention 2016 is a mile stone for our club’s founder A.J. Burgess, it is his 50th Anniversary year in the sport of Microding. He started in July 1966 as a 10 years old driver. In 1983 he started our club Finger Lakes, With 2 microds & 2 drivers. Since the start of our club A.J. has given 653 kids the opportunity to try microd racing thru his rent-a-microd program. During A.J.’s 50 years, Finger Lakes was the first club to buy a piece of land and build its own track (Little Wheels Speedway) witch was built in the spring of 1988. A.J. was also involved with the sport’s sanctioning body (New York State Microd Association) serving as promotions director, secretary, treasurer, vice president of Administration & president over the years. In 1985 he arranged the first broadcast of a microd race on radio station WPIX 106fm out of Auburn N.Y.  In 2005 A.J. received the Tompkins Trust Company’s “Award for Excellence” for his work with “Finger Lakes Microd Club” as the club’s driver’s win % neared 90%. (Currently 88.53% of all drivers in the club’s history have won a race)  That’s 710 of 802 drivers (thru 33 seasons so far)

The Finger Lakes Microd Club offers microds families can rent, the kids draw numbers each week to see which motor they will run that week. This keeps the racing more affordable for a large number of parents. Our Track named: Little Wheels Speedways is located just off the corners of Rts. of 38 & 34B, and is the sports of Microding’s Premiere Facility. Our Track is a picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well-kept buildings. A fine setting for you to spend time with your family & friends.  It should also be noted: The club owns Microds with hand controls, to accommodate children with disabilities and Welcomes anyone with any kind of special need. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages . For costs and schedules see our Web Site: Racing is for both Boys & Girls ages 5-17. We also offer opportunities to try a microd before deciding to join our club. To schedule a try-out call (Sue or A.J.) at 607-898-3313.

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