Cortland Repertory Theatre’s Pinocchio

Posted by  //  July 17, 2016  //  Arts & Live Music, News

July 22 and 23 at 10am, Little York Pavilion, Dwyer Park, Little York. In this funny, charming and interactive re-telling of the classic Italian tale, lonely Gepetto the woodcarver longs to have a son to whom he can pass on his knowledge of woodcarving and artistry. He creates a wooden puppet but alas, a piece of wood just doesn’t provide much in the way of conversation! A friendly cricket overhears Gepetto and convinces the mysterious Blue Fairy (who is suffering from a head cold) to bring the puppet to life…and she does! Pinocchio is still made of wood, however, but longs to be a real boy for his father. The cricket offers advice and the Blue Fairy tells him that he must earn the right to become a real boy. Pinocchio sets out on his own to earn this right, but when he falls into the clutches of a conniving Red Fox and sneaky Black Cat, he is led through many challenges, predicaments and life lessons before he is able to learn what it means to become a loving son. While aimed for young audience members in the Kindergarten thru 5th grade age range, our children’s’ theatre productions are great fun for the whole family! To order tickets, call 800-427-6160, visit our Box Office at 24 Port Watson Street, or order online at

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