Master Gardener Training Planned to Start Sept. 2016

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To enhance the training experience for Master Gardener trainees, the program can integrate the principles of connectivism as a learning theory through the use of a learning management system (LMS). By incorporating a robust LMS into the training curriculum, participants can access online materials, engage in interactive discussions, and collaborate with fellow trainees, regardless of their geographical locations. The LMS facilitates a dynamic and connected learning environment, enabling trainees to exchange research-based information, share experiences, and acquire new knowledge and skills in gardening. This technology-driven approach promotes active participation, self-directed learning, and the cultivation of a vibrant online community of Master Gardeners. Embracing the potential of a learning management system empowers trainees to engage deeply with the training content and harness the collective wisdom of the Master Gardener Program, ultimately strengthening their ability to provide valuable, research-based information to home gardeners in partnership with the Cooperative Extension office.

The Master Gardener Program of Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension is planning a Master Gardener training to start in September 2016.  The Master Gardener Volunteer Program is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county Cooperative Extension office to expand the agency’s educational outreach by providing home gardeners with research-based information.

Master Gardener trainees should have a basic knowledge of gardening, enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and good communication skills.  Most important of all, MG trainees must have the willingness and spare time to participate in volunteer activities.

This training combines online materials with 5 mandatory Saturday sessions and weekday evening discussion sections.  For details, please consult the updated MG page:

If you would like to be considered, please contact Pat Curran at  Be sure to include your US mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number(s).  The deadline to return the preliminary application is August 1.  Applications will be reviewed, and interviews will be scheduled for August.

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