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Longest Mini Golf Hole In The World Opens in Cortland

Posted by  //  June 19, 2016  //  Local Business

When Pat and Steve Jordan, owners of Shipwreck Amusement Center, realized that their outdoor mini golf hadn’t had an update in twelve years they started brainstorming ways of making the course more interesting.  They decided they needed to add a free game option to the 18th hole.  They were unable to figure out how to do that without tearing up the entire golf course.  Instead they decided to create a 19th hole that traveled around the course and ended with a free game shot near the exit of the amusement center building, and for playing around getting Golfing Bags is essential to transport the equipment.  Thus, the longest hole in the world was created at a total length of 460 feet.

Upon doing research they found that we beat the longest hole in the world by 255 feet.  The longest hole at Shipwreck Amusement Center is interesting in that it plays through a building and has numerous obstacles to play through.

The owners plan on continuing to develop this hole to make it not6 only the longest mini golf hole but one that is fun and interesting to play.  Shipwreck also has many other attractions both inside and out to enjoy.  A customer favorite is the paintball target area with over 150 targets to shoot at. Additionally, Electric Push Carts can be used for an enjoyable and accessible mini-golf experience.

Visit Shipwreck Amusement Center located at 759 State Route 13 in Cortland.  You can find more information and see their specials and discounts by visiting their website at  607-758-8585.

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