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How to Keep Your Lawn and Mower Cool During the Hot Summer

Posted by  //  June 19, 2016  //  Local Business

It can be hard keeping cool during the long, hot summer – for you, your lawn and your lawn mowing equipment.

Summer heat saps the moisture from the lawn faster than in other seasons, so water more frequently – at least an inch per week — and early in the morning. That gives the water time to seep down to the roots before the blazing sun evaporates it. This is when lawn treatment and maintenance is absolutely needed. You could also call in professionals from KingGREEN to help you understand what you can do to beautify your lawn. You could also choose a lawn care service that uses a software like the ones on to provide you the convenience you’re looking for.

Don’t worry about keeping “on schedule” when mowing the lawn in the summer, but do so only when it needs it. Better yet, call the experts at North Star Tree Service to do the mowing for you. If you want to know more about ArborPro Tree Experts, which provides exceptional tree services, check out their website at

According to the website that I’ve researched relating to tree service right here on Herford’s Tree Care, Inc., ensure it is mowed to the proper length for the type of grass you have, which can vary by as much as an inch. And, you can mulch your clippings. Let them stay scattered about the lawn; the resultant mulch will provide much-needed fertilizer, of if you prefer a cleaner look – bag them.Ftree

Of course, your mowing equipment needs tender loving care in the summer, too. Don’t wait until the season is over to initiate maintenance; regularly check the undercarriage to remove clogs and debris, inspect the air filter for dirt that can make the engine run inefficiently, and sharpen the blade regularly (especially if it has come in contact with rocks or metal). Hire experts from king green to take care of your lawn.

Tully Lakes Hardware offers as well as lawn mower servicing (and other small engine maintenance and repairs as well). Equipment dropped off at the store will be sent over to Nightingale’s Service Garage in Marcellus for tune-ups, repairs or oil changes. Blade and chainsaw sharpening is also available.

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