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Why Not Plant Hazelnut Trees from Z’s Nutty Ridge LLC

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By Dawn and Jeff Zarnowski of Z’s Nutty Ridge, Cortland NY

When making a tree selection to plant in your yard you should consider a couple of hazel nut trees.  Hazelnut trees are native to the region and they are now hybridized with European hazelnuts to give the large tasty nuts we expect.   You can grow them as a bush similar in size to a lilac or as a tree equal to a medium size apple tree and you can plant them anytime of the year.  Z’s Nutty ridge LLC has been growing hazels for over 23 years now and are making their tree selections available to the central NY.

Z’s Nutty Ridge LLC owned by Dawn Zarnowski, has New York’s first hazelnut orchard located in Truxton, NY.  Dawn and Jeff (her husband) started growing trees at first as a hobby and after a few years had planted thousands of hazel trees from every available source that they could find.  Then they started hybridizing the best trees to further improve growing characteristics.   Z’s Nutty Ridge has further improved the quality to allow nearly carefree trees specifically for our upstate NY growing region. Visit this link to know about Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. who are the real tree experts and will help the owners to maintain the trees properly at ease.

Almost all hazelnuts consumed in North America are sourced from either Oregon or Turkey.  Yet, hazelnut trees are native to eastern half North America.  The native hazelnut trees (Corylus americana) are hardy, disease resistant and are very tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, and yet there is a shortage of nuts that currently sell for $14.99 a pound.  Now the native tree has been hybridized to give the large tasty nuts we expect.

Another wonderful thing about hazelnut trees is you don’t have to wait long before the tree will bear nuts for you to eat. Hazel trees start bearing in as little as 4 years and heavy yields in year six or seven.   Also, you can choose to grow it as a bush or a single stem tree.  In bush form the hazelnut allows for easy hand picking of the nuts, and carefree environmental plantings for erosion control or as a hedge.

To purchase trees, please ask your local nursery for Z’s Nutty Ridge Hazelnut trees!

Dawn and Jeff have been growing and breeding hazelnut trees for over 23 years at Z’s Nutty Ridge LLC and can be reached at Dawnz@znutty.com.

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  1. Paul Weber December 27, 2019 at 4:51 pm · Reply

    As a boy I lived on a farm in western Pennsylvania. In the woods on our farm there were wild hazelnuts that my mother would use in baking cookies. Now I live in north Florida and was wondering if they would grow around here. I’ve never seen any wild ones here. Thank you.

    Paul Weber

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