Stonewall Wine & Spirits

Stonewall Wine & Spirits

Posted by  //  June 6, 2016  //  Local Business

Stonewall Wine & Spirits was created by Erik Newlin, who spent several years managing Judd Falls Wines & Spirits, where he enjoyed the friendship and camaraderie offered by customers.  His experience there prompted him to start his own store, focusing on friendly service, diversity of inventory, customer rewards, and tastings to promote discussion & interaction. Says Mr. Newlin, “Ithaca and the nearby towns form a very strongly bonded community; it really does feel like family. Personal relationships with local customers, and everything I’ve learned and gained from them, are the reasons why I’ve devoted my life to retail. This community boasts a rare level of knowledge about wine and spirits, and an appreciation for selections that aren’t yet on mainstream radar, so I’m very excited to open my shop here!”  Customer feedback and suggestions from his prior job inspired Erik to create a store that meets customer expectations and requests, where patrons’ input reaches the owner directly.  Stonewall is staffed by several of Erik’s former co-workers, who share not only his passion for the industry, but his desire to create a store that listens to its customers.

Substantial renovation, all of which was performed wholly by local businesses and contractors, was needed to transform much of the building from its former configuration into an inviting, open sales-floor.  In addition to hand-crafting all of the store’s shelving, Freeville carpenter Ken Parker created an inviting, ornate tasting bar where the staff hosts its Friday afternoon wine tastings.  The decorative stone wall facing Dryden Rd crafted by Scott Land & Yard Services, and the stonework adorning the building, inspired the store’s name.

Having just recently opened its doors, Stonewall is still building its selection of inventory, as it grows into its own.  Customer requests are being ordered as promptly as they practically can, as the store seeks to expand its customer base.  Says Mr. Newlin, “I wanted to be sure we only hired local contractors to transform the building, and that we kept all of the jobs local, so in turn we want to be the local, friendly store. We’d like to stand apart as the little guys who broke off to start their own store, and do it the way customers would like to see it done.”

The store features wine tastings every Friday, and offers sample bottles throughout the week for customers curious to try something new.  Additionally, dollars spent immediately earn cash value toward future purchases.  Customer requests are welcome, and have already started hitting the shelves.

Stonewall Wine & Spirits is located at 1294 Dryden Rd, just 2 buildings up from the corner of 13 & 366, and across from The Plantation Bar & Grill.  They are open from 10-10 Mon-Sat, and 12-6 on Sundays.  They can be called at (607) 339-0200, and while their website is coming soon, they can be found on Facebook at

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