CRT Announces Nominations for 2016 Pavilion Awards

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Cortland Repertory Theatre has announced the nominees for their fourteenth annual “Pavilion Awards” which recognize Outstanding Achievement in local high school theatre. Musicals in consideration were held at the Cortland, Dryden, Groton, Homer, McGraw and Tully High Schools. Non-musical plays were also presented at Cortland, Homer and Tully.  The nominees are as followings:


Musical:  Loserville (Cortland), Zombie Prom (Dryden), My Fair Lady (Groton), South Pacific (Homer), Suessical (McGraw) and Lucky Stiff (Tully).


Play: The Nut Factory (Cortland), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Homer), and 12 Angry Jurors (Tully).


Ensemble (musical):  Loserville (Cortland), Zombie Prom (Dryden), My Fair Lady (Groton), South Pacific (Homer), Suessical (McGraw) and Lucky Stiff (Tully).


Ensemble (play): The Nut Factory (Cortland), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Homer), and 12 Angry Jurors (Tully).


Leading Actor in a Musical: Max O’Connell (Cortland), Mark Dodici (Dryden), Logan Roberts (Groton), David Perfetti (Homer), River Milsapp (McGraw), Maximilian Lickona (McGraw) and Brendan Gordona (Tully).


Leading Actress in a Musical:  Bailey Windhausen (Cortland), Kendra Walkuski (Dryden), Brooke Jackson (Groton), Bailey Kote (Homer), and Alex Becker (Tully).


Leading Actor in a Play: Brian Barnes (Cortland), David Perfetti (Homer), Reed Cleland (Homer) and Lucas Peterson (Tully).


Leading Actress in a Play: McKenzie Morey (Cortland), Tessa Brown (Homer), Elena Gustafson (Homer) and Haley Fowler-Conner (Tully).


Supporting Actor in a Musical: Brian Barnes (Cortland), Michael Lis (Dryden), Charlie Case (Groton), Luke Lauchle (Groton) and Kenian Ulrich (Homer).


Supporting Actress in a Musical: Laura Piekunka (Dryden), Kate Halstead (Homer), Trinity Tanudjaja (McGraw), Asia Stauber (McGraw), and Maurysha Cuttino (Tully).


Supporting Actor in a Play: Adam Klaes (Cortland), Stephen Hyde (Homer), and Griffen Magnan (Tully).


Supporting Actress in a Play: Amanda Reyngoudt (Cortland), Julia Gustafson (Homer), Elsa Gauss (Tully) and Emily Teeter (Tully).


Featured Actor in a Musical: Gabe Woods (Dryden), Sam Yager (Groton), Evan Ulrich (Homer), and Drew Gustafson (Homer).


Featured Actress in a Musical: Cassidy Halpin (Cortland), Jenna Federation (Groton), Hope Twitchell (Groton), and Jenniellen Withers (Homer).


Featured Actor in a Play: Marcus Koesterer (Cortland), Benjamin Hyde (Homer), Brenden Haskins (Homer), and Gerrit VanDyne (Tully).


Featured Actress in a Play: Kate Halsted (Homer), Hanna Whalen (Homer), Samantha Tomushunas (Tully) and Liz Ferguson (Tully).


“Rising Star” – for middle school students:  Nate Johnson (Homer),Will Anderson (Homer), Brok Montesano (McGraw), Ashley Neff (McGraw) and Lilly Fowler-Conner (Tully).


Student Written One-Act Play: All nominees are from Cortland High School –  Samantha Brafman (Hoodies), Carlotta Case (Benjamin), Rhianna Eleck and Katie Musci (Gal Pals) and Michaella Ferro (A Walk in Time).


Technical Achievement:  Connor Beattie (Cortland), Colton Pollack (Groton) and Joel Perfetti (Homer).


Theatre-As Education: My Fairy Lady (Groton), South Pacific (Homer), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Homer) and Suessical (McGraw).


Also the students themselves will pick a “Most Valuable Player” from each production.  This award is chosen for the person involved in the production who went above and beyond the call of duty for their show.  This recognition is voted on and chosen by the cast and crews themselves; no outside judges are involved.

Scholarships are also available for graduating seniors who are pursuing higher education in the theatre arts.  Members of the CRT Board of Directors Youth Programs Committee decide the recipients of these scholarships.

For the productions and acting awards, volunteer judges attended the shows.  All are involved with Central New York theatre in some way, whether as a performer, technician, within the educational system or as an avid theatre-goer. In each category, the nominees who received the most votes have been selected as finalists. In the event that a judge is unable to attend a performance, the total number of points each nominee receives is divided by the number of judges attending to determine ranking.  Factors such as the size of the role, number of songs, time on stage, etc. determine the category in which each actor is placed.

The Pavilion Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 12th at 7:00 pm at the Little York Pavilion, home to CRT.  The awards will be presented on the set for CRT’s first show “The Fox on The Fairway” and each school will perform a musical number from their show at the ceremony.  Presenters will include actors, administration and staff of the 2016 CRT summer season.  The CRT Board of Directors will host a reception beforehand as a Meet-and-Greet for the actors from different schools.  Tickets are arranged through the school or show directors, not through the CRT Box Office.

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