Chateau Dusseau

Chateau Dusseau Winery

Posted by  //  May 25, 2016  //  Local Business

5292 Erron Hill Road
Locke, New York
(315) 497-9463

How fast ten years can pass.  Decisions on which grape vines to plant and which colors to paint the tasting room seemed monumental at the time.However, while still important to the foundation at Chateau Dusseau, decisions like these are now approached with ten years of confidence and experience when you navigate to these guys.  And now larger and more diverse decisions lay out ahead.  As a small business and farm, grows and develops, all the hurdles find ways to line and stack up, the trick is not to lose the momentum needed to clear them.  Brothers Stephen and Robert started it all with one very important, and very necessary shared love, wine!  They grew up in Locke and Moravia and tell stories of making wine from anything they could get their hands on, and with some persuasion, they managed to recruit the help of their friends.  Staring out over a field of dandelions set only one track of thought through their minds, “how much wine can we make with these flowers?”  Whether it was elderberries, apples, strawberries, or grapes; they explored all their options.  And together they made the conclusion that their love for dry red wine surpassed all other, and it was this shared sentiment that birthed Chateau Dusseau.  Now with ten years under the belt exploring the business side, with help from family and friends, the winery has taken on a life all it’s own.  The love for wine has facilitated a place for everyone to share in their loves; music is constant, art has filled the tasting room many times, craft beer flows from the tap, as does maple syrup, outdoor games fill the fields and vineyards with laughter, and last year celebrated the first proposal and the first wedding at the winery.  If you thought wine was all that’s offered at Chateau Dusseau, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, the experience is what brings people back again and again.

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