Shawn Guyette Landscaping

Shawn Guyette Landscaping

Posted by  //  April 26, 2016  //  Local Business

Shawn Guyette is an artist in his own right.

Well, except for one thing — he doesn’t deal with paint or clay or sculpture. Shawn deals with grass and his canvas is your lawn.

“When I get through with your lawn, it needs to look to as close to a professional stadium as it can,” Shawn said. The pride and care Shawn puts into his work is visibly evident and the reason he has always had consistently happy customers in his over 15 years in business.

“My theory is that you drive by one of my yards, you need to be able to tell it’s mine. There’s a difference in average and perfect. The difference? The amount of time you spend on it.”

Yep, this guy really loves grass.

After faithfully serving the Rochester area for the last 15 years, Shawn Guyette Landscaping has relocated to Cortland County and is excited to bring quality workmanship and experience to new neighbors in Cortland and Tompkins. Focused on servicing customers, owner and operator Shawn Guyette provides total landscape services for both private and public sectors along with snow and ice management during the winter months. Shawn specializes in lawn mowing, edging, Spring and Fall cleanups, mulch application, shrub and hedge trimming, weeding, planting, landscape design, gutter cleaning, and much more (just ask!).

Shawn’s affinity for growing things combined with his appreciation of nature’s original plans made him learn more about Emergency Pest Control Vaughan. It is evident in his knowledge and passion for sustainable landscaping, including native plants, organic soil conditioners, low maintenance design, and natural alternatives to plant pest control or using eco-safe solutions rather which is also offered and used by some residential pest control exterminators. However, looking for the best pest control services, why not see some special info here for further details?

Landscaping companies vary greatly in terms of price, reliability, reputation, and quality of work. Make sure you get experts from Legion Landscaping to help.  The last thing anybody needs is shoddy work or a company that gives their customers excuses instead of results. A worthy landscaping company ought to be ready and willing to provide verifiable references prior to hire.  “I treat your property and your investment as if it were my own,” Shawn states, “And I can back that up with a reference list of long term happy customers so you can feel assured.”

When asked what makes his lawn care company stand out from the rest Shawn says, “The way I treat my customers. In my experience with landscaping I’ve found that many people have had a hard time finding a landscaping company that would work with them and make them a priority. Reliability and trust is an ongoing issue. I make my customers a priority, take any amount of time to understand my customer’s needs and meet their expectations.” He make yards happy. And their owners too.

Spring is here…the grass is growing and so are the weeds! Don’t spend your weekends working in your yard when Shawn Guyette Landscaping can do your dirty work for you. Whether it’s a spring cleanup, weekly mowing or garden design, Shawn’s attention to detail and knowledge will get the job done right the first time and every time. When pests are lurking around in your garden, you can hire pest control services for rodent treatment and the like to handle those annoyances.

For further information, a long list of satisfied customer referrals, or to schedule your free estimate, please call Shawn at 607-662-4533 or email at

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