DeRuyter Farm & Garden Co-Operative

DeRuyter Farm & Garden Co-Operative

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One element that binds together a rural community is the local farm supply store. It can develop into a kind of social hub, due to the importance of its role in everyday country life.

In March of 2000, Agway, Inc. notified the community of DeRuyter that it was selling the store on Dewey Street, which had been in existence since the 1930’s; first as the Grange League Federation, then in the mid-60’s as Agway. After a month, no one had stepped forward to buy the business, so a public meeting was held and a steering committee convened to investigate the feasibility of forming a co-op in order to keep the store in the area.

On May 18th, 2000, in a meeting at DeRuyter School, a small group of farmers and community members announced their intention of forming a co-operative to replace the DeRuyter Agway store when it closed its doors June 10th. The news was greeted by a resounding “YES” from the audience when asked if they would support the idea with patronage and financial commitments. The community took an active interest in the project to see a business stay in the community.

The DeRuyter Farm & Garden Co-Operative became official on July 7, 2000 in the same location as the previous Agway Store. It is evidence that neighbors working to gether can accomplish great results. With community ownership and management, there was now stability and new energy present as the co-op continued to provide the services and products that the agribusiness communtiy required. The Co-Op remains an Agway Dealer, but also has the ability to independently purchase products and services from other suppliers.

Both blended and straight grade bulk fertilizer are available with trailer spreaders and truck tender service. Also continuing ar the tub services and there has been an expansion of pattet deliveries. One of the most popular services is the daily bag run which will bring sacks of livestock feed, pet food or other items from the store directly to your door at no extra charge.

This Co-Op takes pride in meeting the needs of a variety of people and to that end it also offers an extensive garden shop and greenhouse. The Garden Center sells all sorts of colorful flowers, hanging baskets, shrubs, trees as well as hardware and materials to help them grow. The brilliant display of annuals and perennials is always an enticement and there is reassurance that knowledgeable advice is available when needed. The Garden Center also offers many gift items such as window boxes, books, bird baths and much more.

The transition from an Agway retail outlet to the DeRuyter Farm & Garden Co-Operative has been a smooth one, which has brought people together with a renewed spirit of communtiy.

Opportunities for participation in this endeavor, which continues to grow today, are available to the general public in the form of common and preferred stock membership. To find out abut the discounts, dividends and voting rights associated with stock membership, please contact us.

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