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Aiello’s Restaurant

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The Aiello Family moved to America from Sicily, Italy. Calogero (Charlie) was born in the village of Partanna and Vincenzo (Vinnie) was born in Alba, in the Piedmont area of northern Italy.

Having grown up in and around restaurants and in Mama’s always busy kitchen, the family moved to Whitney Point where Vito (Papa) opened Aiello’s Ristorante in May of 1982 for his two sons to operate.

The friendliness of Whitney Point has allowed Aiello’s to grow from a small pizzeria to the comfortable full service restaurant you enjoy today.

It is important to us that you know we use fresh herbs, spices, cheeses and imported 100% olive oil in our kitchen.  The finest raw ingredients we can find assure you of the highest quality experience.

We enjoy getting to know our guests.

Thank you for visiting with our family and we hope to see you again soon.

Some History of the Village of Whitney Point and the Restaurant Site

Whitney Point was settled in 1797 and incorporated in 1871.  In 1824 it was named for its Postmaster, Thomas Whitney and called Whitney’s Point.  The village has survived fires and floods to become the wholesome village that it is today.  Griffin’s block, the current site of Aiello’s Restaurant, burned in April 1897.  The fire started in the store’s basement and razed the entire business section of the village.  Businessmen built a wooden shanty town on the school house grounds to house facilities for temporary stores following the fire.  The Hotel Griffin was built on the site of the Griffin block.  Construction was completed the night before a planned celebration of the reconstruction of the village in 1899. It was an imposing building with a public room, dining room, lobby and kitchen on the first floor and twenty sleeping rooms above.  It had electricity and steam heat.  In 1912 the Hotel Griffin was sold and renamed the Otselic Inn.  It became a Temperance Hotel, housing group meetings.  It was the best place in town to go for Sunday dinner and still is.  The Otselic Inn bar reopened in 1933 when beverages with 3.2% alcohol became legal.  The Aiello family purchased the building in May 1982.

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In the mid-1930s a flood ravaged the village, nearly wiping it out.  In 1936, President F.D. Roosevelt visited the village and made a commitment to construct a Flood Control Dam on the Otselic River.  The dam impounds a reservoir that not only protects the village but provides a beautiful recreational lake.  The village history includes the site where the Whitney automobile was manufactured in 1901.  This automobile sold for $850 or $880 with fenders.  Whitney Point is now the site of the annual Broome County Fair, an annual Rotary Canoe Regatta and the annual New York State Crappie Derby.

The Aiello family feels very fortunate to be a part of this community.  We enjoy improving this facility with it’s rich history, and making it more attractive and comfortable for our guests.

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