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Robinson’s Repair Shop – A High Standard of Automotive Service

Posted by  //  March 27, 2016  //  Local Business

Jim Robinson, owner of Robinson’s Repair Shop, was born and raised in Marathon, NY. His father had his own automotive business in the area in the 1960s. Always interested in the automotive field and automobile repair, Jim followed in his father’s footsteps, opening his own automotive repair business at his home in 1995. He eventually bought and renovated the building located at 3 Cortland Street, hired three additional people, and opened Robinson’s Repair Shop in June, 2001.

Jim is happy with the way Robinson’s Repair Shop has progressed and states. “I really enjoy the customers,” he said. “We try to give the best quality service possible.”

Jim strives for excellence in by maintaining high standards in his business. “My shop is AAA and NAPA accredited,” he said. “Both have very stringent approval guidelines. Robinson’s is also ASE certified. ASE has testing facilities that employ eight different fields in which you are tested; if you pass all eight, you become a Master Tech. I am a Master Tech; there are two Master certified techs that work here.” These certifications assure the knowledge of automobiles necessary to provide quality service.

Jim Robinson’s commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of automobile repair, including the comfort and aesthetics of his customers’ vehicles. In addition to maintaining high standards in his business, Jim understands the importance of protecting and enhancing car interiors. That’s why he can also offer a range of premium options like vegan leather seat covers. These seat covers not only provide a stylish and eco-conscious choice for his customers but also reflect his dedication to quality service in every detail of their automotive experience.

Jim believes strongly in diagnostic ability. “I am well-invested in the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment,” he explained. “It is important to be able to correctly diagnose the problem and fix it right the first time. We don’t just throw parts at the problem in a trial-and-error way; we know what’s wrong with the vehicle before we replace any auto parts.” The best repair shop only trust reliable auto parts sellers such as Robinson’s offers a pick-up and delivery shuttle service in the Marathon area, as well as a 5% Senior Discount or a 10% Veterans and Active Servicemen Discount. You can also enter a monthly drawing to win a free oil change (up to $45). There is one winner per month, drawn on the first day of each month; winners are posted at Robinson’s Repair Shop. Plus at Robinson’s – 6th oil change is always FREE – ask for details! Robinson’s also services classic cars! To know more you can also site here as they can help you to avail dealership service.

In some cases, car repairs may become a costly affair, leading individuals to consider the option of purchasing a new or used vehicle. Opting for a used car that is still in good shape can often be a prudent financial decision. For residents in Stockport, navigating the offerings of reputable used car dealers stockport can open doors to affordable and reliable alternatives. The key is to find a dealership that aligns with the values of commitment to quality and service, much like Jim Robinson’s Repair Shop, ensuring that customers receive a positive and satisfying automotive experience, whether in repairs or in acquiring a new set of wheels.

Robinson’s Repair Shop is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 12 noon. To schedule an appointment call Robinson’s Repair Shop at (607) 849-6410. Think ahead for spring break and get your check-up/tune-up before hitting the road! And Robinson’s offers this reminder – remove your studded tires by April 30!

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