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Easter is coming up fast and a lot of people ask me what besides bunnies make a good Easter pet.
Chinchillas make great pets. They live up to 25 years and can be very tame and friendly. They eat chinchilla pellets and timothy alfalfa.

When you handle a chinchilla, the oils from your hand will get on their fur. To clean their fur,use some of the chinchilla dust bath powder in a big bowl, then step back.

They will roll around in the dust and kick at it. It’s very amusing. They really love that dust. In the wild, a chinchilla will usually find a dry dirt spot and they’ll roll around in that.
The chinchillas love to chew and they make all kinds of chew treats. We have a lot of them here at Pets A Plenty.

Chinchillas also love the big wheels. They’ll run in those for hours and they also make a jumbo ball that you can put them in just like the ones hamsters use, only bigger.

I always think parakeets make great Easter pets. They are very pretty, active and love to interact with people.

They are relatively inexpensive to keep too. A large bag of food will last several weeks and parakeet toys are very reasonable at $1.99 to $3.99.

Even the parakeet cages are reasonably priced. Some people have told me that their parakeet could talk. Usually it’s the males that are the most likely to say a few words.They cannot talk like a parrot but it is possible to teach them a few words.

Another great Easter pet is the chinese hamster. These hamsters are small and they stay small. They are extremely friendly and are known for their disposition. Very rare for them to bite. Most of the time when you pick them up, they’ll sit right on your hand and be content to stay there. Their lifespan is shorter, usually around 2 to 3 years. These make great pets for kids. They are desert animals so they do not drink a lot of water,which means they do not produce much urine, thus the cage does not get too stinky. I’d say once a week is all you’ll have to change their cage. Do not feed hamster seed to the chinese hamsters. They need to eat the chunk food called square meal.

Seed can actually kill these little guys, so stay away from that. So there are a few great Easter pets other than the bunny.

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