A Touch of Glass

A Touch of Glass

Posted by  //  March 3, 2016  //  Local Business

Who are the Collectors and Antique buyers today? Are they the discerning, recently married couple decorating their nest and searching for that unique conversation piece? Perhaps it is a recent graduate with a new job needing to fill an empty apartment.  Those that are considered middle aged may be looking for a missing piece of china that was given them by an older relative. Most baby boomers will say they have too much “stuff” and don’t need a thing, yet are drawn to that special item cherished by fond childhood memories.

As an Antiques dealer for over forty years, I greet visitors to my sales with appreciative curiosity and excitement. I enjoy the conversations with them as they relate their reason(s) for responding to my advertised invitation to come and see all the wonderful items that were previously used and are now for sale. From the nicest of homes, I receive calls to assist in downsizing. I select carefully. Then I clean and polish those items that I deem worth the effort to offer for sale.

In my sales, I set up and arrange my display of wares with attention to color, size and theme. It is a pleasure to hear the compliments given when referring to the presentation and atmosphere within the walls of so many collections and antiques. A trip to an Antiques Shop or small sale is comparable to an Art Gallery or Historical venue. If each collectible or antique could talk….oh what stories could be enjoyed!

Kathy Beardsley, ATOG (A Touch of Glass) owner @ The Crawl Space, Little York and Papa Bears Antiques, Marathon and Downsizing Consultant @ 45 North Fulton Street in Homer. 607-749-3504

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