Grubbi Grok BBQ

Grubbi Groks BBQ & Groks Rx Kitchen

Posted by  //  January 18, 2016  //  Local Business

Grubbi Groks BBQ is new to Dryden and everyone has been super welcoming and we are excited to be here! We offer a wide variety of smoked meets in the form of platter and sandwiches, as well as sides to please everyone’s tastes. We also make sure to only use the best bbq equipment to satisfy the their needs. We make a variety of our own BBQ sauces in house and are always working on news one for people to try. We like people to add their own flavor and level of hotness to their plates so the food is offered up with just a like rub and a nice smokey flavor. We are working on new sandwiches and sides to hopefully bring an even wider variety to the area and are constantly looking for new and different flavors. Stop in and stay while you eat or if you are in a hurry, call us ahead of time with your order and we will have it ready for you. If you would like to come in for a take-out order that works too, we will chat it up with you while you wait.

The second half to our company is Groks Rx Kitchen which offers paleo-inspired gluten free food. We mostly offer these in meal subscription packages of 4 meals or 6 meals per week that can be picked up in Dryden and a few places in Ithaca and we are always looking for places that we can branch out to for delivery. Our menus change each week and can be found on our Facebook page. We also have a mailing list that we send the menu you out to and anyone who is interested can be added to it. We usually have a few extra meals that we keep in house to sell at Grubbi Groks BBQ for those looking to try it out or for those that need a gluten and dairy free option. This food is a clean and healthy way of eating and we hope to bring it to the Dryden community. We are not trying to push paleo or gluten free lifestyle on anyone, just hoping to offer READY TO HEAT AND EAT meals for those that are busy, struggling with portion control or those that are just looking to branch out and expand their food repertoire.

We realize that the two halves of this company are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to what types of food pairs together but we the like idea of being able to satisfy just about everyone’s dietary needs. While the BBQ side is not strictly gluten free, we do have options that are. Both Grubbi Groks BBQ and Groks Rx Kitchen are available for catering and if you have any questions about us, please do not hesitate to come in and chat or shoot us a message. Find both sides of the company on Facebook and thanks for the support!


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