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The life of a mobile DJ is an exciting wonderful career. My name is Jerry Ladd and I started my DJ business called “The Music Man” 30 years ago. We can do any kind of party, wedding or karaoke event. It started out as a part time job on the weekends, and is now a full time job. Generally I am doing events each week. I employ 2 part time DJ’s to help me. I’ve always been a collector of music ever since the age of 13. I acquired 4,000 33rpm records and 12,000 45rpm records. Today I have over 7,500 CD’s in my collection. It only made sense to buy the DJ equipment I needed to start the “Music Man DJ Service”. It’s been great ever since. How many people can really say they love going to work and love their job? Well I do! Every day or party is totally different than the last one. Karaoke is a blast; you get singers who should be in Nashville, and some that should never sing except in their shower.

The DJ service extends to a 50 mile radius, and no party or wedding is too big or small. The key to this business is making people happy, dancing, and leaving the party saying what a great time they had. I grew up listening to the 1950’s 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today’s music. This gives me a great advantage over the younger DJ’s that think they know all that music. With 2 DJ’s I have trained and know music we can do more than one party the same day. Equipment is updated every 3 years with the latest technology. The last thing you want to happen is your equipment to break down during a wedding or party.

My business has expanded to lap top computers with 39,000 songs on the hard drive. It is so handy, if someone asks for a song you can type in the song title or artist. When you see the song you curser down hit play and bingo the song is playing. What a time saver this is. We can download CD’s right off the internet or Apple I Tunes. It makes getting music easier and more cost effective. Weddings or parties can get expensive. I may charge $250 for a party, and other DJ’s will charge $650 for the exact same thing. I even played my nieces wedding in Maryland. I do not believe in overcharging people because some DJ companies believe they will never see these people again and that makes it ok. Repeat business is important. The day this job is no longer fun is the day I retire.

This has been such a rewarding career. There is nothing better than to see people happy, dancing, and forgetting their daily problems and jobs. We have 26 years experience doing Karaoke. Currently we have 55,000 songs on karaoke. We do have all our karaoke songs on hard drives on our laptop computers. That way we won’t have to carry karaoke CD’s anymore. Updating is very important. People want to sing the latest song as well as the old standards. Equipment today is smaller, lighter, with much better sound. Speakers have built in amplifiers with 450 watts of power each. Mixers, CD decks are smaller and lighter. Set up times are 20 minutes. I used to spend an hour setting up years ago. Karaoke has been a great part of my life being in Elmira, Auburn, Ithaca, Dryden, Cortland, Syracuse and many other locations.

The “Music Man” has over 90,000 songs for regular parties. “I love to take requests” says Jerry. I am confident I will have the song requested or an alternate song. Some people love to give you a song just hoping you will never have it! So how does Jerry Ladd bring so much experience as a DJ and so many songs to a party? “I’ve always had a love for music,” says Jerry. I buy at least 20 CD’s every month to keep up with all the latest music. We get the same promotional CD’s as radio stations get, which contain the latest radio hits, rhythm, modern rock and country hits.

Our DJ service also does the after-school programs at schools in the area. We go into the school for 2 hours and let the kids sing karaoke or just a dance party. They have such a ball, and it is non stop karaoke or dancing the whole time we are there. At weddings I keep the music low so people can talk. Later on we can crank up the music when people are ready to party and dance. “I would rather have someone ask me to turn the music up rather than down.” Jerry says!

So if you’re searching for an experienced DJ to play your wedding, party, graduation, or karaoke event give the “Music Man DJ Service” a call at 607-844-3660. You can email us at, or try our new website:, and see lists of the latest songs and wedding music.

“I look forward to helping people plan their next wedding, party, or karaoke event,” says Jerry. Give us a call today! You will be surprised to see we have lowered wedding prices from last year. We want YOU to have a good time!

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