Pets a Plenty

Pets A Plenty

Posted by  //  December 22, 2015  //  Local Business

3925 West Road – We are across the street from Tops Market on Rte 281 Cortland.

We are celebrating our 26th year. We carry small animals, birds, reptiles, snakes, feeder crickets, meal worms, feeder rats and mice, tame rats, chinchillas and all the supplies for your pet such as: cages, toys, treats, kits, setups and more.

We have 60 tanks of fish to choose from with new ones arriving weekly. Our animals come from local breeders and are friendly. People are always commenting on how friendly our animals are. Quite often, animals from big chain stores are bought in bulk and thus not as tame. Let us know if you need a certain item. If it’s something I can get less expensive for you, I will.

We carry parakeets, finches, lovebirds, cockatiels and sometimes green cheek conures. We do not sell the bigger parrots. I have a local breeder who raises ball pythons and corn snakes. They are babies and very tame. I get my fish from a small supplier, and he takes very good care of them. I have had numerous people tell me our fish last a long time.

Buying from a small supplier means I get a better quality fish.

Our Chinese dwarf hamsters are super friendly and make great kid pets. We also carry the Robo hamster. They stay very small and make great pets. We have a lot more interesting things, so stop in and take a look around. We are open 7 days a week. Visit our website I post a weekly newsletter on new arrivals and any specials. 607-753-9213

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