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The Cortland Corset Company Factory Building

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The Cortland Corset Company factory building at 75 East Court Street is a cathedral of industrial age America.  Built in 1872 by the Cortland Wagon Company, the building boasts double brick construction, massive wooden beams, spacious enclosed stairways, and wide floor boards that give a satisfying creak with every step.  And everywhere, the windows.  Tall and plentiful, lined up to dutifully pull natural light into a space built before workers relied on electricity. For the safety of everyone, learning more about barriers will be a great help. Tenants also see here these fire barriers protect building, people, and other transformers from transformer fire and explosion that the owners prioritized to install for safety purposes. Then safety protocols for elevated tasks are an ongoing concern in many industries. With the right training, workers can significantly mitigate the risks associated with these roles. For more comprehensive resources, visit Furthermore, custom work platforms are crafted to meet your unique industrial requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and safety for your operations.

You can easily check out online at DuraBarrier USA to see their products regarding fire protections and safety.

Every builder, if asked about his opinion, would say that the beauty of ancient architecture is incomparable. Fortunately, instead of being demolished in favor of strip mall architecture, this magnificent structure is going through a quiet renaissance of utility as its owners gradually fill the building with wellness facilities and tenants pursuing artistic endeavors.  Dozens of small businesses are being incubated in the Corset Company factory building:  This is the bridge between Cortland’s industrial past and its post-industrial future. If you plan to build a new industrial facility or commercial building, you may need to learn the difference between commercial construction and residential contractors.

Cinch Art Space – An all local gift shop and boutique, features the works of nearly 50 local artisans and craftspeople.  Jewelry, fine woodworking, pottery, handmade soap, and so much more.  Cinch also offers classes go to for details.  Tues – Fri 10 to 5, Sat 10 – 3 with late hours Thurs – open until 7 pm.

Magpie – Promoting and teaching sewing, handicrafts, and the recycling and reuse of fiber and decorative materials.  We offer a community space to appreciate and purchase fine handicrafts while learning, first-hand, about the skill and artistry behind the creations.

Heroes and Villains – Come experience a constantly growing and changing comic shop consisting of all things comic and gaming related. Currently Magic The Gathering, Heroclix, and once a month comic trivia events are offered with more to come! The store is closed on Sunday’s and open from 10am-8pm every M/W/Th and from 10am-9pm every Tu/F/S.

Pure & Simple Yoga – A beautiful yoga studio dedicated to wellness. This studio offers yoga classes for all levels.  Classes range from gentle to advanced. Multiple styles of yoga are offered including Kripalu, Svaroopa, Kundalini and Sridaiva. Private yoga lessons are available. Pure & Simple Yoga offers workshops throughout the year on wellness through movement,  whole foods and mindful living.

And there is space available for more.  Call 607-745-5656 to inquire.

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