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Posted by  //  October 27, 2015  //  Local Business

Is life stressing you out? Is your mind running a million miles a minute? Does your back hurt from too many hours at work or school? If the answer is yes, then please take a 20 minute time-out to find a relaxed pace inside your own day. Adagio is a new self care spa located conveniently in community corners, Ithaca. Adagio was opened with the idea in mind that everyone needs a quiet space to relax and find that peace within themselves, but not everyone has a space like that available to them in their own home. Adagio offers a calm space for you to breathe a sigh of relief from the stressors of everyday.  Close your eyes and relax in a zero gravity massage chair, or lie down on an aqua massage bed and let the water jets whisk the tension out of your muscles. Have a ache or pain and you just aren’t sure why? Take a walk on the beautiful stone labyrinth and let the stones massage your pain away through reflexology. If you feel you need helping hands to find your peace, make an appointment with our Polarity therapist, Renee Lobdell, and she will get your energy moving in the right direction. Or maybe you simply need a pristine place to unwind through meditation, yoga, or prayer.  Adagio offers exactly what you need at exactly the right price.

No matter what is causing your tension, Adagio is the place for you to come and relax it away.  For $20 a treatment (polarity therapy excluded), we won’t be the cause of stress for you either! Stop in for a cup of hot tea to just check us out, or visit our website for more information, and you will not be disappointed.

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