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Posted by  //  October 1, 2015  //  Local Business

Last issue I told you what my first session was like and this week was very much the same with some slight differences. When I arrived Renee asked me how I had been feeling and what had been going on. Renee had also done some additional research about gastro paresis (paralyzed stomach) and told me that I should drink Aloe juice and I told her the reactions from my last session.

As Renee explained to me your body has nerves going every which way that control different parts and what she is doing is like a tune up. From one session to the next your body is healing and the nerves are getting routed to the proper place. When she starts my therapy again the body remembers where it left off.
So I’m laying on the table and she is doing the therapy and my intestine starts to jump and my body was shaking and a sharp zinger went down my leg and out my foot. Keep in mind she is touching me with her finger tips and it’s just happening. By the time I’m finished I feel great, go home and that night I slept like a baby and I’m noticing a reduction in the acid reflux which is a major improvement. So I feel better I sleep better and who knows where this will lead.

Stay tuned. Keep reading the “CAT” to find out what happens as I go along and if you’re interested in feeling better give her a call and make an appointment for yourself.

Kat Thomas

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