Route 281 in Homer/Little York, Sept. 26

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Route 281 located between Cortland and Tully, provides access to Interstate 81 and points north and south. Major construction to widen part of Route 281 is now in progress to accommodate those travelers seeking a quick and easy access to Route 81 south of Homer. Unfortunately, those fast track travelers are missing out! The remaining strip of this highway between Homer and Little York, quietly beckons to the adventuresome traveler to slow down and visit those shops, a theater/pavilion and restaurants scattered along this pastoral strip of history laden highway.

Earliest records indicate this route was originally a well-traveled Indian trail through the densely wooded area, giving access to their sacred hunting grounds. Later, as settlers arrived, the flat and rich soil of this area gave way to small farms. In 1889, Homer expanded the village limits to include Prestonville (this area includes Preston St. and Route 281 today). The little trail became a dirt road meandering between the farms and pastures. As the populations in Homer and Little York grew, so did other industrious enterprises including lumber/grain mills and black smith shops among others. Travel along the dirt road increased and later included Trolley excursion tours to Little York Pavilion and Lake for recreational picnics, boating and swimming. The “dirt” back road remained as such until 1957 when it was black topped as a two lane highway.

Currently, the businesses on this strip of Route 281 between Homer and Little York are celebrating this rich history. The second annual Route 281 Fall Crawl is scheduled to begin at 10AM until 5PM on Saturday, Sept 26. Punch cards will be available at any of the 13 participating businesses with a variety of free samples, gifts and raffles being offered when the card is punched at each business. Look for the orange/white 281 Fall Crawl event signs at each participating business.

A special guest, Beatrix Potter will be serving tea at the Crawl Space providing ample pleasure for children and adults. Additional family entertainment can be enjoyed at the Super Cream and Anderson’s Market. Plus Little York Plantation is hosting a wellness center and A Kaleidoscope of Quilts is featuring tasting by F Oliver. All completed and deposited punch cards will be collected and three $100.00 winners will be drawn.

Sponsors for this exciting Sept 26 event include: Cinquanti Realty, Historic Homer Tours and the Homer Business Association.

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