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Elemental Energy Continued

Posted by  //  September 16, 2015  //  Local Business

Our  last issue featured a story about Polarity Therapy and like most people I wondered what it would be like and how it could be beneficial to me.    So I decided to put it to the test after all what could I lose, I made my appointment and went.
What was it like? I’ll tell you.  The therapist Renee Lobdell met me at the door with a smile putting me at ease.   We talked about the problems I hoped to find relief from, I told her my medicines and the physical effects I experience.  Now like most people I held back a couple of things just to see if she could actually tell what was going on.  As music played in the background, she asked me to lay on a table and told me just to relax.  From that point on I think it would of took an explosion to wake me up from that shear blissful state I was in .  She started by placing oil on my palms and the bottom of my feet  then on the back of my neck.  She worked silently from head to toe using her finger tips to feel the energy in my body during that time I noticed that she was focusing on a couple areas that I had not told her about.  She found the spots where I had not mentioned having a problem and concentrated on redirecting the flow.  Yes I could actually feel  things in my body that felt like a current inside.

When the session was over we talked about things I can do to help me along my journey to a more healthy and enjoyable stress free life.  Ok I left armed with knowledge and surprisingly enough, rubber legs.  Renee had told me I would probably feel the effects for the next day or so.  She was right I was relaxed and slept soundly that night.  Am I cured, no not yet this it’s not a miracle fix all gimmick but in one session we identified what goes on inside me and came up with a game plan to help my condition.  Keep reading the “CAT”  to find out what happens as I go along and if you’re interested in feeling better give her a call and make an appointment for yourself.

Kat Thomas

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