Pets a Plenty

Pets a Plenty

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If you’ve never been to PETS A PLENTY, we are located on Rte 281 across from Tops Supermarket, stop by and check us out. We have a lot of things to offer. We stock a variety of hamsters such as Chinese dwarf, black bears, Dalmatian bears, polar bears, panda bears, snowflake, teddy bears and more. Pets A Plenty has birds, reptiles,

snakes, feeder mice and rats, guinea pigs and a lot of different bunnies. We have over 60 tanks of beautiful tropical fish and goldfish. Feeder crickets and super mealworms are also available as well as all kinds of bird and small animal cages, foods, bedding, toys, medications, decorations, tank setups, animal kits and much more. We even give you free fish when you buy a tank setup. Many of our animals are from local breeders. I buy local

whenever possible. It helps us because local animals are usually less stressed because they don’t travel as far. Also local animals are usually friendlier because they are handled more. I get so many people telling me our animals are friendlier than animals they bought from a big chain store. I have some really great local breeders who play with their animals thus the friendliness.

As far as my fish, I buy from a very reputable wholesaler. Some of my regular customers have told me the fish they buy here have lived for years. So if you need some tropical fish or goldfish, please stop in. We have a lot of nice fish at great prices. And we get new fish every Wednesday. Don’t forget we stock all types of pond fish too, comets, sarassas, koi, shibunkins and more.

If you want a certain color ferret, let me know. We can usually ship it in within a week.

The same goes for most supplies and cages. If you want a price on something you saw

somewhere else, let us know. In many cases we can get you a better price.

Many of my customers have been very happy when they see that I can get something less

expensive than the big chain store. I think we have an excellent assortment of hamsters and cages, and we have a hamster kit for only $39.99.

If you want a friendly pet, come see our dwarf Chinese hamsters. They are always very tame. Kids love them. My chinchillas are very friendly and come from a local breeder. We always have a nice selection of guinea pigs and bunnies, and they are young. The last batch of bunnies I had practically climbed the cage to get to people. Very tame. We also carry baby mice, pinkies and fuzzies. If you need these for your snake, we have them.

Frozen fish foods are also available. We carry small and large crickets and they are already gut loaded. I just received 2 baby ball pythons from a local breeder. Super tame and small. Baby corn snakes coming soon. I have geckos, baby iguanas, baby beardeds, sulcatta tortoise, ameivas, water dragons, frogs, firebelly toads and more.

We also carry a big selection of hermit crab supplies and hermit crabs.

Remember us next time you need an animal, fish, cages, supplies or whatever you might

need. We may be smaller than a big chain store but we have a lot to offer you. I have been doing this for 25 years and my staff has been here a long time too. We’ll make sure you know everything you need to know about that new pet or fish tank.

Keep in mind it’s important to shop your local small retailers. Stop in and see us at Pets A Plenty. Any questions, email me at…. Visit our web site PETS A PLENTY is located on Rte 281 across from Tops. We are open 7 days a week, 753-9213.

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