Verne Morton Memorial Photography Show & Contest

7th Annual Verne Morton Memorial Photography Show & Contest

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By April Scheffler

Everyone is invited to enter the 7th Annual Verne Morton Memorial Photography Show & Contest taking place during Groton Old Home Days.  You can enter, no matter where you are from, whether you are young or old, a rookie or a pro.  It’s easy to enter and it’s free.  The most important rule is that all photographs must be taken in the Town or Village of Groton.  If you are asking why, well, that’s because this photo show is all about us! It is a way to honor the memory of Verne Morton who created an historical treasure trove of photographs during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and it is a way to get people to look around at the beautiful place where we live, work and play and capture something unique to share with the Groton community.

Verne Morton, who was born in Groton in 1868, took over twelve thousand photographs during his lifetime, most of which were taken within Groton.  Morton’s subject matter included nature, animals, small children at play, the homes of his neighbors and people living and working in the rural countryside where he had his roots.  Often called “the photographer who made the commonplace compelling,” his work is artistic and moving.    Verne Morton photos can be viewed at the History Center of Tompkins County, in Ithaca, and online at

Organizers, April Scheffler and Robin Cargian, say that it is so much fun to have people come in after the show is all set up and see their face light up when they have won an award for their photo.  More people are entering each year and the photos just keep getting better.  They have scheduled their Gala Opening for Friday, August 14, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and an all-day show on Saturday, August 15, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the Groton Town Hall, 101 Conger Boulevard, Groton, New York.

Anyone interested in entering the photo show can get information from the Groton Town Clerk’s Office; by calling 607-898-5035; emailing; or going online to  Please remember, all photos must be taken within either the Town or Village of Groton.  There is no cost to enter and prizes will be awarded.

The Verne Morton Memorial Photography Show is sponsored by the Town of Groton and made possible, in part, by a grant from the Tompkins County Tourism Program.  A special thank you is given to the History Center of Tompkins County for use of Verne Morton photographs.

The Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

New this year for Old Home Days will be the Pirate’s Treasure Hunt for kids 10 years old and younger.  Treasure maps will be available starting on Monday, August 10 thru Saturday, August 15 at the Town Clerk’s Office on Conger Boulevard and the Groton Hobby Shop on Main Street.  The Treasure Hunt will take place on Saturday, August 15 and every kid who returns their map to the Town Hall, where the photography show is taking place, will receive a bag of treasure.  It’s fun and it’s free. And shiver me timbers, Jack Sparrow himself will be wandering the streets.  Keep yer eyes peeled me mateys and mark yer treasure map when ye spy him!

Sponsored by April Scheffler, Town Clerk and Robin Cargian, Deputy Town Clerk.

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