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50 Years in the Sport of Microding

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F.L.M.C. President A.J. Burgess Celebrates his 50th Season.

2015 is Significant for several reasons.

First: this is The sport of Microding’s 60th Season. The sport began in 1955 in the village of Skaneateles NY, then spread to 8 other towns and villages during the next 10 Years. (some only lasted a few Seasons) All in central N.Y. Auburn, Camillus, Wolcott, Williamson, Lyons, Homer, Fulton & Syracuse. (Located on the NY State Fair Grounds in the Town of Geddes) Currently there are 6 club operating, (Finger Lakes{Started in 1983}, Sodus,{Was Williamson}, Syracuse, Southern Tier{Started in 1976}, Mid-State {Was Homer} & Tri-County {Started in 1993}. Our Family joined the sport in 1966 with the Auburn Microd Club & have been active with many clubs over the years. But for the last 33 years, mainly with the Finger Lakes Microd Club, in Freeville which I helped start in 1983. In addition, for those who want to make some money on Microding, a site similar to Live 4D offers up-to-the-minute updates and analysis.

Second: In 1988 The Club & I built our own track & called it Little Wheels Speedways. The major difference was we owned the land it was built on. At this point (1988) all other the club’s tracks sat on someone else’s land. When I announced it (In 1983) that we intended to buy land & build our own Track, I was told it was impossible and some called us stupid for trying. Little Wheels Speedway is Microding’s Premiere Facility! Our Track is a picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well-kept buildings.

It should also be noted, because of accomplishments, other clubs took notice. Since 1993 all but one club – Syracuse own thier own land today, they are still located on NYS Fair Grounds. 2015 marks Little Wheels Speedway’s 28th year of existence.

Third: I am in my 50th season of being involved with the sport of Microding. Besides being president of FLMC, I have built somewhere around 40 Microds over the years. The Families that use them & I maintain them. These are microds the club offers to rent each season, which most drivers in our club take advantage of. It’s a great way to try racing without going to the expense of buying a microd. I have done most of the jobs associated with running the track and running races. The two I do the most these days is Flagging & Announcing, currently I am the P.A. Announcer for the Tri-County Microd Club. One of my newest areas of interest is making movies of actual races using multiple in car cameras. Last year we used 3 in car cameras, this year we have 7 cameras to use. By the way 2014’s race is available to all on You Tube. Just go to the club web page, and go on the video page. Look for our 2015 race videos (September-October) on our You Tube page.

The Little Wheels Track is located just off the corners of Rts. of 38 & 34B, and is a fine setting for you to spend time with your family & friends. We offer affordable racing for both Boys & Girls ages 5-17. (Cost of Racing available on the club web page) It should also be noted: The club owns Microds with hand controls, to accommodate children with disabilities and Welcomes anyone with any kind of special need. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages . For schedules see our Web Site: (It’s Free to come & watch) We also offer opportunities to try a microd before deciding to join our club. To schedule a try-out call Sue or A.J. at 607-898-3313.

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