Capitalizing On Strengths

Posted by  //  June 11, 2015  //  Disabilities

Everyone experiences difficulties in life. If you have a disability, Life has dealt you an even more challenging experience to navigate. Finding basic services, advocacy, resources and especially employment can be daunting with a disability. Where do you turn for help?

As the Disability Resource Coordinator for Cortland County, It is my job and pleasure to assist you in reaching your employment goals. Do you want to keep your disability benefits and work part-time? Do you eventually want a rewarding career without being on Social Security Disability? Regardless of where you are now, I can usually help coordinate resources on your behalf and assist you along your journey.

Did you know that people receiving disability benefits most often will not be subjected to a medical review while they are in an academic or vocational program? Did you know that when and if you earn above the Substantial Gainful Activity, you still retain your disability benefits for up to a year while keeping your earned income?

I believe your realistic goals are worth fighting for! I believe many people can reach new heights of accomplishment in spite of their barriers. I believe that everyone deserves someone in their corner coordinating and advocating for them. Indeed, that is my job and personal objective.

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