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Paintball Target Shooting is Pure Fun!

Posted by  //  April 27, 2015  //  Local Business

Splatz Paintball at Shipwreck Amusement Center

KIDS and adults LOVE TO SHOOT at SPLATZ PAINTBALL.  What they don’t love is having to get 5-10 peole together to paly paintball.  At Splatz paintball arcade this is not an issue.  You only need 1 shooter to totally splat our zombies, cowboys, animals and other themed targets.

Any age can take part in this activity, and yes Mom, that includes you.  Kids as young as 6 pull the trigger and hear the smack as the paintball hits one of our 150 targets and watch it splatter!

There is no kick back with paintball guns and we are of course big on safety. Each shooter is provided with a certified Tippman gun, goggles and training.  No pain, no mess, no clean up. Just 8 shooting stations and plenty of family fun.

Whether you are passionate about paintball or have never held a paintball gun in your hand, you will love the fun you have shooting at our targets.  Just be careful, our customers find this activity very addicting.

Come on down to Splatz Paintball located at Shipwreck amusement center and give it a try.  Visit for more details.  Or call (607) 758-8585.  Open daily.

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